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Pronouns: She Her
Age: 24
Occupation: Shop Owner
Height: 5'5"
Registered: Jul 2019

Molly has her partners in crime, whether they are up to actual crimes is unknown, they are certainly a suspicious lot. Names, ages, etc are not written in stone. 
Bruce Carmichael

Age: 27  Job: Butcher 
Relationship: Second in command, runs the shop and acts as her closest friend. He is a big strong man with a bit of a temper.

George Lewis
Age: 42 Job:  Pig Farmer
Relationship: They never are seen talking in town but she has gone to his farm on more than one occasion. When asked, she says its for business since they use his pigs for meat in the shop. The length of the visits and the timing are questionable. If seen together, she treats him like an uncle. 

Eric and William Scott
Age: 25  Job: Dock Workers
Reltionship: Twin brothers who are as ugly as they are mean. Strong and rude, they work odd hours, basically whenever a ship needs a hand to unload its cargo. Supposedly she hires them to help around the shop or deliveries. She is always seen avoiding them but treats them very kindly away from prying eyes.

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