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[Complete] Throw Caution Off The Pier
Persephone Witaker

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Pronouns: She/her
Age: 25
Occupation: Aspiring architect
Height: 5'3"
Registered: May 2020

Despite her overall qualms about menfolk, Persephone could feel a friendly connection between her and Dr. Witaker and so gratefully accepted his offer. They strolled side-by-side off the pier, a catcall from a dockhand not breaking Persephone's stride, and as they stepped back onto the firm cobblestone walk along the pier's docks, she started to tell Dr. Witaker of her woes. "I was born and raised in London, see, but I was never one to obey my parents' wishes to be a model daughter- I love them, I do, but I just couldn't bear the stuffy, dreary life they expect me to lead. My dear sister, Harriet was born thirteen years after I was- a sort of miracle baby, in more ways than one -and as she grew, she became the perfect daughter they never found in me. You might assume we were never close, then, but we were, and still are. My parents recently became fed up with me-" Here Persephone paused for breath and to give a weary sigh, inadvertently letting Dr. Witaker know just how much this whole debacle was affecting her. "-and laid an ultimatum: they would send me away to some town- to get me out of their hair, mostly -and decided if I am not married when this year is up, they will cut me off completely. Financially, it does not worry me, as I am willing to take a job in Whitby and provide for myself- hopefully as an architect -but I could not bear being kept away from my darling sister until my parents ascend."

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