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[Open] Plot with Oz
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In general for threads I'm fine with strong language but a little leery of depictions of graphic violence or sex stuff. Fade to black is definitely a preference of mine.

I'm always a sucker for a comedy thread, or just cute threads. I seem to have a higher tolerance for aimless cute threads than others so if I drift that way on you just lemme know and I'll course correct.

Action and Drama are also a lot of fun, however I'm considerably rustier on that front. I'm not always capable of writing true gritty edge-lord stuff well but I don't mind melodrama.

I tend not to be interested in writing romantic plots until I've gotten a good sense of the character.

I'm also here for a mix of everything, even in the same thread. What's emotional whiplash?


start with something small

◇ Fearsome Critters: There's a tradition with lumberjacks that they make up tales about "fearsome critters" they found in the woods, and try to convince others they're true. Davy has a lot of fun doing this. He would also probably dearly love a friend who helped him convince people they were true. Maybe one day they go so far as to try and make some spooky stuff happen to convince someone the silly animal they've come up with is real.

◇ WE ARE the Ghosts: Davy is keenly aware that he's been the boogeyman for a long time. There are lots of deadly things out there, but nothing fantastical. I think a prank going sideways and people getting scared about ghosts instead of say muggers would be amusing.

◇ Reinforce He's Bad at Being Rich: Got a character that knows quality when they see it and are not afraid to say so? He's got bad social skills, bad hygiene, bad fashion and bad decorating tastes.

◇ Wax Skeptical: Having lived in a world that seemed all too happy to kill and maim and torture, Davy has no belief in any greater power. If you've got a character that's questioning what good there is the world, Davy'll prod them on their beliefs if you want.

◇ Get Rich Quick: Got a stupid scheme to get some cash? If it's not going to get anyone killed, Davy could probably get talked into it.

let's make something complicated

◇ One last run- and then another last run: Davy would really rather be done with crime, but also doesn't feel he has the necessary skills to pick up real work anymore. A plot where he's slowly getting worked back 

◇ You're safe with me: Anyone who works with Davy, he considers it his duty to ensure they are as safe and healthy as he can keep them. Want to see if we can find the limit of his ability or willingness?

◇ My friend, you are bad at being rich: Davy would love to fit into the upper class and he very, very much doesn't. Anyone want to teach him the skills he needs?

◇ My friend, you are bad at being a criminal: Have a character that needs to practice their patience and stealth? Davy can help them out. He's also got some skills in getting people out of trouble for minor crimes, or making witnesses seem very unreliable.

◇ There's lots of ways a person can haunt you: Davy was never particularly attached to his family, but I imagine sometimes he still runs into people that make him wonder if they're okay. I don't have much idea what his family was like, so if you have a character you want to have a weird old man be scared of.

◇ You've got to let her go: Anyone who wants to try and convince him that he should let go of his dreams of wooing Margaret has a long road ahead of them. One where Davy twists their words around to find hope where there is none.

◇ Silence: Davy knows the power of keeping things secret. Money isn't worth the trouble of selling information. Need help with something no one can know about?

◇ Just like Family: Davy sort of missed out on having a family, and spent most of his life working closely with others, so he's always looking to fill that void.

◇ Money isn't social skills: If anyone's got a way to get that through his head, I'd love to hear it.

get in the middle of a mess

◇ Diving suits are safe, right?: There's sunken treasure, and obviously the best way to get it is to use a diving suit. Harry Longbottom's going to help make sure it works, what could possibly go wrong?

◇ That's no graverobber: ???

sparks of inspiration for connection

◇ Personality skepticism that borders cynicism, patient, practical, affectionate towards his friends but bad at showing it

◇ Hobbies 

◇ ◇ New Technology If it's new and shiny technology, Davy wants to know about it. 

◇ ◇ Telling Stories Davy loves to tell tall tales, and here tall tales. Ghost stories, fairy tales, work stories: he wants to hear them all. He also loves to try and convince people that any number of animals he makes up on the spot are true.  

◇ ◇ Playing the fiddle, dancing, singing 

◇ Locations

◇ ◇ Canada 1849 - 1887 Davy lived and worked in Ontario. He was a lumberjack in the backwoods until 1875, then was incarcerated in Canada's only Penitentiary until 1879. After that he ran with a gang of graverobbers until he moved to Whitby in 1887 

◇ ◇ Pub Davy doesn't do a lot of drinking, but he does do a lot of socializing and dancing in the bar. The barkeep probably wishes he spent more money 

◇ ◇ Fancy house Now rented out. He couldn't be bothered to pay for staff, and it didn't take long for him to start feeling like he was in a giant solitary confinement cell and move.

◇ ◇ One yard down from the Ward family: He lives here. He keeps fancy things in a very not fancy house.  

◇ People Find a friend of a friend

◇ ◇ Mehmet Gardinier Davy agreed to find him some body.

◇ ◇ Harry Longbottom Capable mechanic, shirks responsibility, bad with kids.

◇ ◇ Benjamin Ward Plans to be friends

Thread Tracker

Date - Longbottom Residence
Someone with some talent for understanding nautical equipment is needed for a job. Harry Longbottom should have the skills, right?

Date - Park
With Mehmet Gardinier's help, it's time to figure out what people do in the park at night.


start with something small

◇ Why are you here?: Arabella is willing to go to some strange lengths to collect scientific data.

◇ A little bit of mischief: Gossip is fun, but running by someone's house to tease them about their crush, or latest gaff is more fun. It's all in good spirit and she expects the same back.

◇ What do you know?: If your character has any even vaguely science related skill, Arabella wants to hear about it. She will hunt you down and pester you, with varying levels of politeness depending on your class.

◇ Make it all fit: I don't imagine that Arabella is staunchly religious, but I think she believes in some form of God. If you've got a character that's questioning and want them to have a talk with someone with a positive view, try Arabella. Similarly she's trying to find her unifying theory that lets science and religion work cleanly together.

◇ Let's Experiment!: Got a science question? Got a not science question? Time to hypothesize and put it to the test. What could possibly go wrong?

let's make something complicated

◇ I thought you had a spine: Arabella can be very vocal about people going out into the world and learning, and about the importance of scientific discoveries being shared, but there's still a part of her that can't break the idea that women aren't fit for science, and fear of looking stupid in front of real scientists makes her clam up. Anyone want to call her on her hypocrisy?

◇ You're sure you're okay?: While fascinating, chemicals are also dangerous. Arabella has days where she is unsettlingly sick from handling something she shouldn't have. I don't intend on killing her off, but a good health related spook can be fun.

◇ Come back here and learn!: Arabella is very persistent about trying to get people to study. She will literally chase you down the street if you are trying to avoid her.

◇ Education isn't simple: Coming from a very wealthy background, she doesn't understand how many things can stand in the way of someone getting a higher education. She currently just thinks if people don't get an education, it's because they don't see the value in it. Anyone want to help her see the world is more complex than that?

◇ Whitby cannot hide you: Being away from her family, she's started to let her science side be a little more free. But she still has a reputation she needs to protect if she wants to win her mothers approval and represent her family well. Got anyone who'll remind her of this? Hold her accountable? Try and help her get the best of both worlds?

◇ One day you'll have to choose: Part of Arabella being a little mad scientist like is the impending sense that she's going to have to make a decision about marriage sooner or later. Get married or stay a spinster, there's a lot of sacrifices she'll have to make. Anyone want to play advisor for either side?

get in the middle of a mess

◇ None

sparks of inspiration for connection

◇ Personality Inquisitive, Full of Awe, Treats social equals like siblings,

◇ Hobbies 

◇ ◇ Chemistry, Astronomy and Math

◇ ◇ Science Illustration She's not very good, but they do at least tend to be legible.  

◇ ◇ Reading Poetry  Usually suggestions from other people

◇ Locations

◇ ◇ Eaglesfield until 1887 Born and raised

◇ ◇ London 1887 - 1890 She housed and studied at Bedford College 

◇ ◇ Anywhere with lots of books If there are books, there's a good chance you'll find her there. 

◇ ◇ The Spas: It's technically the reason she's in Whitby at all.  

◇ ◇ The Theatre: Good entertainment and good friends.

◇ People Find a friend of a friend

◇ ◇ Friends of Father:[i] Scientists, LGBT people and Philosophers. Her father talks frequently of her potential to be something great, and softly of how society pulls her across the grain.

◇ ◇ Friends of Mother: Aristocrats, Artists and Philanthropists. Her mother talks frequently of her potential to be something great, and softly of how she wastes it chasing science and ignoring men.

◇ ◇ Roderick Carrington Plans to be study friends

◇ ◇Nesah Meijer Plans to be study friends

◇ ◇Christine Pennyfeather Plans to meet in the bookstore

◇ ◇Edward Seymour Plans to bother about going to school

◇ ◇ Alice Ward Plans to bother about going to school

◇ ◇ Rose Ward Plans to bother about going to school

Thread Tracker

Date - Location
Now I write some stuff in here. A quick description about what the thread was about, what happened, anything that might be good to know. I'll mention any characters that might be in the thread as well.

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Yesss. Comedy’s my first love.

As for plotting?

Humor: Galloway Edition

We’ve touched on Zech, and he’ll definitely notice that ew new rich smell. He’d notice that ew new rich smell if Davy got mixed up with ew fallen rich – namely, Menachem and Uriel. He currently has a mutually antagonist relationship with Menachem, and a trying to help but so, so bad at it-type of relationship with Uriel.

Aslan may or may not already be in Davy’s sphere of familiarity. He has basically been adrift from York ever since his father was tried and hanged for murder. His MO these days is mostly on the right side of the law, as much as a pariah can still be and still survive. He’s a private investigator, and I could definitely see him greasing some wheels there to try and identify some more ill-gotten bodies without implicating Davy in selling them.

Roderick might recognize him from older students consorting with him, but not connect the dots on the connections. He’d probably assume this old dude was just one of Darius’ friends. As far as he’s concerned, weird people + Darius go like meat and potatoes.

Mehmet is a fairly blank slate right now, aside from being a gardener. I figure he’s not especially impressed by local politics and law enforcement, in part from his father being something of a Europhile. I could see him having a lot of gardening euphemisms for both where to find and hide a body.

I could see Anita drunk and lost on the way back from already-forgot-where, and in contrast to all these cringing faces see this ox of an ill-dressed man as an absolute prince. I could just as easily see her guilelessly helping him move a body. In the heights of her cups, I could see her mistaking him as her most successful son (who doesn’t exist), despite the chronological impossibility of this. Look. Everyone looks younger when you’re drunk.

I could see Fanny intentionally helping him move a body, especially if he were in a pinch and she could charge a premium for it. Depending on the pay, I could see her switching from legal prostitution to a life of crime (and liking it a lot better to boot). I could also see her feeding info to him along the same lines, pretty indiscriminately at that.


Zech might be intrigued by her. The right class, and probably reminds him a bit of Nesah for reasons he can’t pinpoint. If her stepfather went out of his way to find other lesbians, it is very possible they’re familiar with each other through gossip a la molly houses (think LGBT meetups rather than brothels) and other LGBT-friendly spaces cough publishing houses and theaters.

The class differences and lack of joyous illegalities makes Aslan a harder connection to make, but if she gets robbed he’ll be there to offer his services of getting that thing back slightly banged up and suspiciously none-the-wiser to who actually did it.

Roderick, a la discussion on my plotter, could very well strike up a nauseated but nonetheless enthusiastic friendship with Arabella.

Mehmet could very well be the gardener on whatever property she is letting/her family is letting her at. I figure his job is a combination of hating his life while presenting a customer service smile whenever asked about plant stuff. Alternatively, I could see other families visiting his greenhouse (for it is there to be shown off) and asking about various exotic plants . I’m sure at least one of those times have resulted in an answer like, “I mean, I wouldn’t eat that, but...”, and I could see her prickling at scientific curiosities that he’s never had the resources or time to explore.

With liquid courage, I could see Anita enthusiastically recommending some rich girl walking past a bar to marry her carpenter son who is gay.

Fanny is very much trying to scrape her way up into a life of comfort, even if it kills her. Considering the social climbing skills that a brothel worker often learned, I could see her trying to charm her way into a friendship with Arabella (keyword: trying). I could also see her sharing her more morbid curiosities. Maybe they end up chatting it up at a social event after some guy who did not anticipate how tall this gal was going to be made off quick.

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I love the ideas for Christine and Edward. Ed miiight start going with a bad crowd so it'll be nice if he starts a better rapport with someone though it'll be slow. Christine and Arabella are interestingly similar and different. I can see them hanging around a lot if she isn't too annoyed with Chrstine's lackadaisical attitude.

Benny is a bit odd and all over the place. He doesn't know about the gold yet, almost no one does. But when he does I'm sure he'll be curious about anyone else seeking it out, so will keep close tabs on Davy.

Pony isn't put off by a non believer. If he can convince her he will do his best, or attempt to distract with his dazzling smile though he'll be wise enough to give up when it's clear it isn't working.

I also just want to say I adore funny and cute rps so much. I have other characters that I haven't updated it with. If you look at them in my profile you can certainly feel free to ask. Most of them have very little direction yet so I am always open to ideas! Feel free to ask or suggest anything.
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Menachem and Uriel Interesting information...

Aslan If he's just on the right side of the law, I could see Davy showing up when something's crossed the line into being too much crime for him. Like they body he dug up that was definitely suppose to be a heart attack is most certainly actually a murder victim. *cough* Edward Seymour *cough*

Mehmet So I haven't been able to find a ton of scholarship on LGBT history in Canada, but there's some commonalities that lead me to suspect from at least the early 1800s parks and greenspaces were pretty common cruising grounds for gay men in at least Ontario. I can see Galloway getting confused by Mehmet's gardening euphemisms and instead of bringing him a stiff he brings him a date. It's entirely possible that the date understood Mehmets euphemisms and is just there for the dead body.

Anita Deep down Davy is a good farm boy who would help a poor drunk lady home. I can also see him seeing a lady in a drunk fight and just, deciding to pick her up and carry her to safety without explaining because he doesn't have the best social skills. So, one of the things students did to get cadavers back when they couldn't pay for a graverobber was put a big hat on them, and pretend they were helping a drunk friend home. I can see two students getting cowed into bringing her "son" home, and then some kind of scheme goes on to get the stiff out of her house before she sobers up.

Fanny Having someone with good information is something he'd pay keenly for, especially if he figures she can be trusted to not tell anyone else. IDK what the threads would be like but we've got a lot of other potential stuff on the burners right now |D Roderick is similar.

Zech They probably do know of each other, and though he might know her more as Somerville's kid since he's probably a lot more active in those sphere's than she is. (I'm always here for LGBT history facts)

Aslan Arabella has the potential to get herself in some trouble. She's been letting herself act like a rich kid and a poor kid's yard, and if things went badly she definitely wouldn't want it getting back to her mother. He might also be a person she pays to make things go away for friends she's not really suppose to be associated with.

Mehmet If you want a comedy thread between them, I'm not sure that Arabella would know how to recognize a fake customer service smile and assume he was much more interested in it then he was. "her prickling at scientific curiosities that he’s never had the resources or time to explore" is very Arabella.

Anita pushing Claude at her could be interesting, Arabella has some serious marriage anxiety she's trying to avoid.

Fanny Arabella's a pretty easy mark, her social skills focus much more around being household management and guest entertainment and otherwise being seen and not heard. If the two met first through the social sphere Arabella might try and hide most of the science stuff and just be glad to have a friend who isn't whispering about her. If you want drama, I don't know the ins and outs of that social stuff but Fanny could potentially earn brownie points from Arabella's mother if she kept some tabs on her. Or just straight up found a way to use Arabella's bad science behaviour to look better in comparison. (I tried to find a reference for the height difference between 5'5" and 6'0" and this they photoshopped the same picture to make him taller?? to sell some strange shoe mechanism I don't understand?)

I'm here for slow rapport building. Arabella has an attitude of treating people like siblings, so I imagine she'd honestly consider it a good game to chase him around the streets, and then eventually try and get Ed interested in science experiments? If Ed starts running a bad path she might try and cover the bill to keep him out of too much trouble *cough* Aslan Koç *cough*

I don't really know how Arabella will react to Christine's lackadaisicallity. Arabella's a person that kinda enjoys being annoyed with people. I like when can do the compare/contrast thing with characters so I'd be super curious to see if those two ended up being friends or not.

Cool we'll keep Benny and Davy on the backburner then.

Definitely sounds like a thread between Pony and Arabella could be some fun razzmatazz. I'd be curious to see if he could convince her or not.

I definitely will! Good to know I can prod you with questions about them.

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I’ma grab the discussion from here and put it here for less tabbing.

quick ref:


Aslan: Oh my. He’d definitely be skeptical about a 13-year-old ‘heart attack’, might be keen on avenging a child in a way he can never avenge his father.

Mehmet: There may be a pretty universal precedent for that. Could have sworn I read about a similar sort of gay hookup culture in Victorian London at some point.

That. Is. Beautiful. Mehmet, square dug out and snot-stained from sneezing because there’s a reason he doesn’t do outside … only to be presented with a wild ride of ‘wait, is this fellow looking for a fellow yay tall and yay wide? Wait. Am I looking for a fellow yay high and yay wide?’ only to remember yeah there’s a six foot hole here and he’s pretty sure that’s what this dude is there for.

I think I can start us off for this one.

Anita: A la drinking misadventures, I could easily see her bringing a dead guy in a big hat home, nonethewiser, because hey sometimes she gets rank after a bender too. I could also see her accidentally offending a woman and starting a big fight that way (or getting slugged by someone who mixes her up with her sister who has a thing for married men).

… Anita would definitely try to feed the cadaver. It could get messy fast. If I start this off, it’s definitely with her trying to put some color back in his face with some leftover sheep’s trotters. There is also definitely the possibility of Claude (son) and Harry (husband) stumbling across this unfortunate scene.

Zech: To add to the palpable discomfort, Zechariah comes to dear, sweet Whitby to get away from his job. He’ll certainly be charmed to have some suspicious-looking fellow visiting him, or possibly sent his way a la the constable of whose off-time he equally respects.

He’s active in his faith and has a Shabbat dinner every Friday, and I suspect his maid lets anyone who knocks in.



Roderick: I am all for that running schtick lmao I could see it starting as “oh neat medicinal plants” to “HEY WE SHOULD CHECK OUT THE RIVER FOR FISH” and skipping stones instead. I love build-up and suspense, so that’s right up my alley.

It sounds like both Rod and Arabella are spineless in their own ways. I could see him wanting to impress her, then realizing she was way better at this kind of thing than him, and then getting frustrated at both their lots in life when damn it, that weird Freud fellow’s theories on the brain are way more easy to stomach than actually operating on one.

Zech: I could see him writing her stepfather regularly on the pretense of work advice, but sandwiched in between the lines is a not so subtle desperate approval of a father figure. Especially after his beau was executed after stabbing his barrister-in-training friend to death.

As for Arabella – Zechariah is actively Jewish, and the sciences have been held in suspicion many a time for being considered a Jewish thing to pursue. He has a smattering of research for various criminal cases. I could also see him posing random questions, possibly testing how much like her stepfather she is, and then getting grudgingly dragged into a much longer conversation than he intended.

Aslan: Would all be jumping at the chance. Steady money that doesn’t ask about his background? Perfect. He might use her I’m guessing not-entirely-in-touch-with-cost-of-services prices to subsidize things he’s actually interested in doing, too, which could backfire in all sorts of ways.

Mehmet: While he’s probably thinking of Marie Antoinette with great relish through most of their conversations, I could see him reluctantly fascinated by some of the subject matter.

Anita: I suspect her son has similar, ahem, anxieties. I believe Claude has been pretty isolated (to his knowledge) from the greater LGBT world, especially since he’s not literate. Could open up some interesting character arcs re: class differences but a lot in common.

Arabella being unmarried at an age that Anita had multiple broken dreams kids already might also draw out a more aggressively ‘helpful’ side of her that does not want to reflect on what she might have done with her own life had she actually had choices.

Fanny: Would definitely double-deal with her mother lmao. I was looking at your thread suggestion list, and I kind of have the image of Fanny going to smash in some troublemaker’s window for a reasonable price only to realize she miiiight recognize her.


So, to get us started: I volunteer as tribute on getting a thread rolling for Mehmet and Davy, and/or Arabella and either Fanny or Roderick.

P.S. I think you’ll appreciate this site.
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I've got nothing particularly to add to any of these, I think is a great pile of fodder for thread starters.

If you want to start the Mehmet and Davy one I can start one for Fanny and Arabella (I figure if Fanny's grim hourglass is on the table we might prioritize that one).

Do you have a preference for first time meeting or where they already have some history?

(also, thank you, that is exactly the sort of site I was looking for)

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