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Quote:Pearl is the youngest daughter of the Carrington clan. She is the black sheep of the family because she prefers to get away from the lavish life of riches to live in her own home. Recently, she thought herself in love with a man named Pony... But after he left without a word, she moved on to Joseph Blacke and drama ensued between the Blackes and the Carringtons.

She is rife with scandal, having been kidnapped, gone to a brothel to uncover what her brother had done, eloped, and now was kidnapped again.

Spouse: Joseph Blacke

Friends: Rose Willaby

Plot needs: Friends, more drama

Quote:Ruth is someone who has a will of her own. She ran away to elope with the village idiot, Angus, not knowing that the man was a polygamist and had several children out of wedlock with all of his brides that he tricked into marrying. She had a son, his only son, named Jacob, and is currently working for the Blackwood family to get back onto her feet. Problem is, she is in love with one of the masters of the house and she can't tell him as he is a widower and mourning deeply on top of being her employer's brother. Will he ever fall in love with her or is she barking up the wrong tree?

Friends: Edward Blackwood, Vela Rosewine
Plot needs: More friends, maybe an enemy
Quote:Unlucky in love, Karen lost her first husband to a gruesome death that she could not begin to explain to others. She found herself watching her brother leave because of her marriage to Harold. When she was close to giving birth, she moved to Whitby after her brother and he does not get along well with her due to said choices. She fancied herself in love with a man named Fred, the clockmaker, who gifted her a cuckoo clock and then went to elope with her... except... he left her before the altar could even be seen. On her way back to Whitby from Gretna Green, she met a man, Lorn Vaughn, who is the light cowboy where as Harold had been her dark. She is now madly in love with him and they are engaged to be married, much to her brother's disgust.

Engaged: Lorn Vaughn

Quote:Magnus is the father of clan Carrington. He thinks most of his children are spoiled assholes who don't deserve a pence he worked so hard for. It didn't help that his shrew of a wife made things worse for some of the children. He does not think he is as bad as his wife says, he is a loving man who would do anything for his brood, especially his youngest, Pearl, who is his bastard child and she doesn't even know it.
Quote:She is an insomniac from Italy whose age is unknown. She has been working on her back since she was old enough to do so in hopes of making enough money to find information about who she was. She is madly in love with Darius Carrington but pregnant with the twins of his brother, Magnus IV. She had been forced to marry him and now carries the possible heirs to the Carrington fortune. She recently blackmailed Zecheriah Meijer into becoming engaged to her and now wants to break the engagement to be with Darius.

Lovers: None
Engaged: Zecheriah Meijer
Friends: Darius Carrington

Quote:Not much is known about Bruce other than he works for a woman named Molly Valentine, who he is madly in love with and recently asked for her hand for the thousandth time and she finally accepted.

Lovers: Molly Valentine
Friends: Uriel Meijer, Andrew Willaby

Carpenter, Iris
Quote:She is a young widow who lost her only child. She was in a bad situation before that with her husband and now is free from all of that. She currently stays with the Appleton family as a wet nurse for Emma. She has an attraction to Tobias but hasn't shown any signs of it thus far to him. She does not like his wife, who won't even hold emma.
Culpepper, Thomas
Quote:Thomas is the son of a local judge and has aspirations of being something else altogether. His family was once good friends with the Carringtons, but with the black cloud hanging over that family, he is trying to keep away for the most part, especially from the two remaining daughters.
Curtis, Penelope
Quote:The daughter of the theatre, she is an accomplished actress who was once the belle of Drury Lane. She has found her match in her fiance, Charles "Caliban" Mercer and they are currently off to get married in Gretna Green.

Engaged: Charles "Caliban Mercer
Danes, Phillippa
Quote:Pippa is a young miss whose family was murdered in the states. She has been on the run ever since and hasn't had a chance to breathe. She first sailed to England, then found herself becoming a maid without having told her employer that she was on the run. She ended up meeting a man named Viktre, who became her lover. She is pregnant with his child now and things have come to light about the killer, now everyone wants to keep her under lock and key or at least never alone so she doesn't end up dead. Will the killer find her?

Lover: Viktre Lanetio
Friends: Viktre Lenetio, Robert Gordon, Tristan Wells
Looking for someone to play the killer, needs more friends
Danvers, Virginia Rose
Quote:Ginnie is taking care of her grandmother. She is a beauty that has men trying things to get under her skirts. Thus far, she doesn't allow for such shenanigans. She recently got fired from her first job and now works as a barmaid at the Diamond Pony.

Friends: Pony McBride
Devereaux, Claire
Quote:Claire is a redhaired beauty from Louisiana, who has been on a trip regardless of her family's wants. She found herself on an adventure with Lord Quentin North and some weasely little bastard whose name she forgot because he was a slimeball reporter in her eyes. Together, the three of them found treasure, and she found Quentin. They are engaged to be married now and she is expecting their first.

Engaged: Quentin North

Ennington, Maxim
Quote:He is the eldest son of the Ennington clan, though not the eldest child at all. He is a nerd who likes math and books, and while he is rich and handsome, he doesn't particularly care. He secretly hopes for love to come along, but knows its probably a long shot when most marriages in his world were for advantage, not love.
Mason, Amelia
Quote:Amelia Mason is the daughter of a vicar and a twin to a brother, Alex. She was sent away to a family to be raised as she was a girl and her father, who was recently widowed by the birth of the two, did not know what else to do. When she was old enough, he sent her off to Whitby in search of her "fortune." She was hired by a woman named Constance Harlowe to work as a companion to the woman, but Miss Harlowe died and now Amelia's fate is up in the air.
Quote:Uriel is a 22 year old man caught between two religions. He fell in love with a cowgirl named Kitty Calamity and married her just before they had their son, Abraham. He is a self made man, not relying on his family's money to get a start in life, but rather, frugality. He built his home with his own two hands to make sure it was perfect. He is currently trying to decide if he wants to keep teaching or not.

Spouse: Kitty Meijer Calamity

O'Connor, Delilah
Quote:Delilah is a delightful lass with a bubbly disposition. She is a widow without children, and has a thing for men in uniform. She met the man of her dreams, a constable of all things, Albert Hailey, who wants to woo her just the right way. And she found work at first for that awful family, the Carringtons, but never really made it and now works for the Vaughn family.

Courted by: Albert Hailey
Quote:Marcus is not a handsome man and he might not be the wisest man ever, but he's smart enough to be a private eye. He's recently been put in the jail until trial at the shooting of Magnus IV, though it's fairly certain he'll be called a hero and let off the hook.
Wells, Penelope
Quote:Penelope is the sister of Tristan Wells and recently just showed up at his doorstep after her schooling. She has not gotten into any mischief as of yet so this descriptor is short. 

Plot needs: Possible romance, friends, possible foes
Quote:Once thought of as a nice guy, Andrew turned into a real... baguette. He found himself a sensible wife who sometimes lets him use her oven, but recently found himself being dough for someone else. Now he is feeling guilty as hell, as he should.

Spouse: Rose Willaby
Friends: Bruce Carmicheal, Uriel Meijer
Quote:Donald is a doctor. He is also a two time widower, his first wife dying by childbirth and his other wife and unborn child being killed at the hands of Magnus IV. He is deeply mourning.

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