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A Time for Tea

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Both Ruth and Vela would find a letter slide underneath their door one morning. It was unmarked save their name and wax seal on the back bearing the Blackwood family crest. Which took the form of a single tree with the words: "Industria et Scientia." Around the outer edge of the seal. 

The letters themselves were identical in content but their names topped both of them and just looking at the writing was enough to tell them who sent the letter. The script was small and cute but a bit shaky and uneven. The person who wrote it clearly did their best to write as neatly as possible but was lacking in experience which made their hand shake just a bit. It was easy to imagine the author sitting at her desk writing and re-writing over and over until the cost of paper forced them to take their best effort. The note read as follows, with the appropriate name substituted for the respective recipient:

Dearest Vela/Ruth,

I hope this letter finds you in fine spirits this day as I would like to cordially invite you to attend a tea party with myself and Vela Rosewine/Ruthe Blacke. The tea party will take place this coming Sunday at two in the afternoon in the Blackwood Manor Solar. Formal attire is requested but not required, however, I will be delighted to show off the new dress I made with the fabric so generously provided Miss Rosewine. I hope to see you both there. 

Warmest Regards,
Bethany Wesley

Young Betsy had acquired permission from Mister Lane to use the Solar, the crest she'd borrowed from Edward (with permission, in the sense she asked him and he said yes without looking up from his book), and Eleanor had agreed to cater the event and act as a servant for it in a limited capacity. The girl was practically bursting with excitement as only a young girl just past her eighteenth year who had utterly romanticized the life style of those she worked for could be.

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