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Old Flame Wanted

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Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 48
Occupation: Wife
Registered: Feb 2021

Hello, I'd really like someone to write Lottie's old flame.  Lottie (written by me) is the unhappy, conflicted matriarch of the Blacke family. Very little has been established about this man, just that he was an artist when Lottie was younger (19-20) and that she 'helped him with his art'... yep

Name: Up to you

Age: 50 - 60

Occupation: Artist/open.  I had envisioned that in the interval he had made his fame & fortune elsewhere. Maybe he achieved fame as an artist or discovered that he wasn't very good at art and did something else. 

Origins: Up to You

Family: Up to you

Appearance/Face claim: Up to you


* My initial thoughts were he's tracked down his muse to give her some money as payment for 'helping with his art..'

* It has been strongly implied that this artist is the actual father of her now deceased eldest child 'Charlie'

* Surprise me

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