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Mistakes, I've Made a Few
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Pronouns: He, Him, His
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Averin felt his boot touch something that felt far hard to the touch, yet it crumbled and felt rather... squishy the moment he put pressure against it. The smell inside of the bin was also, horrendous, he'd only ever been in one place that smelled this bad before. The pit of an outhouse, he'd had to go through an entire bar of soap in a creek before he'd smelled decent enough to get a bath at a proper in. He'd also had to burn the clothes he'd been wearing. Hopefully, this wouldn't be as bad.

The heavy fall of jackbooted thugs enters the alleyway and Averin sucks in a breath. Then regrets that as he struggles to stop himself from choking on said breath as the stench claws at his throat. This distracts him enough that he missed the first part keying in as he hears a young voice ask if the coppers had a few shillings. Averin almost sucks in another breath at that but catches himself in time keeping it to nice shallow through the mouth inhales.

Was he about to be sold out for a few pence?

Then, those magic words reach his ears. "Going that way." As in, not into the bins but rather out of the alleyway and after a few moments he hears the young voice informing him the constables were now gone. Well, thank god for that. Averin bursts out of the box with a gasp for fresh air vaulting over the side as he gets a few decent breathes of the still kind of rank, but far better, smell of the alleyway.

"Christ, I need to stop doing shite like that."

The man says dusting himself off as best he can. Fortunately, it really wasn't as bad as the outhouse. Only his boots would need a good clean but the rest of him wasn't too poorly off. The smell would linger but not nearly so much as the other. Once he is satisfied his gaze moves to the young waif. Who seemed to be a boy of little more than thirteen.

"Well, looks like I owe you one."

Averin says with a chuckle as he reaches into his pocket and tosses the kid the purse he'd lifted from the fat merchant. He'd not even had the chance to check the contents, Nat would find that there was almost three pounds in assorted coins within.

"There you go, lest you think a good deed goes unrewarded. Free advice, never lift a purse from someone you are talking to. They are more likely to notice."

Shaking his head in amusement he sticks his hands into his pockets.

"Which way did you send the constables? I would like to go the other direction."

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