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[Complete] Throw Caution Off The Pier

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Pronouns: He, him
Age: 54
Occupation: Doctor
Height: 5'10"
Registered: May 2020

She was a talkative miss, he thought as he regarded her with growing curiosity. "You were very lucky I happened upon you, miss. If you would have gotten hurt, I would have helped you then too." He took a little bit of a step back and said, "I am Doctor Witaker, at your service." He offered a calloused hand and a smile that could light up an entire room full of people. "You do look sound to me. Nice and healthy, yes?" he bumbled.

He gave her a once-over in that professional way that bespoke of good bedside manner and a caring doctor in general. Laugh lines crinkled the corners of his eyes and a warmth in those green eyes of his that said he was concerned for her.

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