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[CW] The Only Solution

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[Content warning: This thread will contain murder, power abuse, reference to prostitution, possible reference to child prostitution, and a lot of other cringe-moments]
Was that second drink really necessary? Maybe not. The third certainly wasn’t. But there was still time before his train left and a lot had just happened, and his anxiety about leaving was playing up. He needed some emotional fortification. Simon sat in the corner of the pub. His bag was on the bench beside him. After leaving home, he had gone to say goodbye to a few people and had then ended up here to wait until it was coming to four. Now at last, he could relax. He should focus on the fact that he was leaving this dump. That he would never be mistreated again. That he was going to make a wonderful new life for himself. Of all the opportunities and new experiences that awaited him in York. That he would spend more time with Zech. And they could build up a new life.
Well, and who should walk in right this during this reflection but Christopher Hurley?

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