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A Small Treasure Found
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It was midmorning and Ben sat by the harbour, looking to a small object in his hands, that was covered in dirt, but shone gold when the dirt had been rubbed away. A golden bracelet it was, decorated with a fine flowery pattern. Ben had never seen anything like it, and had certainly never found such treasure in his nets, though he had heard of people finding golden coins occasionally. He'd keep quiet about finding this, for he did not want to get into a fight with the others. It had come up at his side of the net when pulling it in, and he had quickly slipped his hand in and pocketed it, before the rest of the crew could see.

Now Jimmy was off to the pub, Matt had gone home, he had sent Will on an errand, and had said he would lay the nets out to dry. He hadn't taken the object out of his pocket until the other fishermen had left the harbour. Now he sat looking at it, fascinated, hopeful. He brought it up to his mouth and bit it. Immediately he pulled a face and spat. The taste of seawater and algae was strong. The important thing though was that the metal did not give way. Could it be real gold?

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