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A Quiet Walk Through Town - Ruth Blacke - 02-17-2023

Ruth had been dealing with quite a bit. First, her husband was trying to threaten taking Jacob away after showing no interest whatsoever in his child after he'd abandoned her 7 months into the pregnancy. Now Jacob was learning to crawl and sitting up on his own, and she had been the one to see it all. It hurt that Angus could miss all that so willingly before telling her that he would try to take him away.

Then there was the fact that she had been fallen in love with a man who wasn't her husband, and while Angus had been indiscreet many times since leaving her, she knew that she couldn't just kiss another person and feel right about it no matter how much she loathed the man she didn't know she wasn't actually legally married to.

To top it all off, the man whose affection she craved the most was in his own world mourning the loss of his wife and child who had been gone for some time before she came into the picture.

The people in his household treated her and Jacob so kindly, she had a roof over her head and her son was flourishing because of HER hard work, and HER dedication, but not without their help or the help of her parents who she would visit with Jacob most weekends that she had free since Jacob was too adorable to resist loving. And although she would have left him with them on that day, one of her friends had asked if Ruth could let her child play with him. Ruth, needing a break and not wanting to burden her mother and father (even if Lottie might insist on taking the adored boy), she knew they had enough going on too so she accepted the friend's offer and sent a message to her parents she would be by later.

At the moment, she was taking a long and much needed walk. She needed the fresh air and the sky was as clear as it was going to get for where they were at, the weather was not too cool though she wore the shawl she'd knitted for herself in her spare time. The market had been too crowded for her to want to stick around for very long but she wanted to get some things for the rapidly growing baby while she was out and therefore quickly stocked up on fabric for nappies as well as other essentials.

Ahh, but the cool air felt good on her face. It was nice to have a chance to breathe. She was still oblivious to the fact that her brother was home, though she was thinking about him among the other things.

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - John Blacke - 02-17-2023

John had spent most of the morning sorting out stuff relating to his return to camp. He knew that he would be getting locked up for some time but didn't know how long so he wanted to make sure everything was in order.

It was nice being home, so see his family and catch up with everyone but still hadn't seen his other sister. He had decided to go up into the town and have a look round. Maybe buy a few things for heading back home. The drama they had all caused had more than likely turned their mothers hair greyer than when John left for a life in uniform. Joe was married and was in the fire service, Ruth had a kid, John was on the route to marriage and Kate was the only one that hadn't damaged the family name

He had went into a nearby shop to get something sweet and was eating it walking the street. He was getting hungry. He looked up and saw a distinctive figure in the neat distance. Surely it wasn't Ruth was it? But then again she had been 14 when he left for India and 13 when he joined the army. She was a woman now, not a girl he had left behind. John continued walking before calling out "Ruth.....?"

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - Ruth Blacke - 02-17-2023

When she heard his voice, she paused and then slowly turned to see who had spoken. Her eyes widened, filled with tears, and then she dropped her basket and flung herself at him. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and buried her face against his chest, "John!"

Then she began to sob in both joy and sorrow against her brother. She had missed him so dearly.

She pulled back and cradled his face in disbelief, tearful eyes wide and a tremulous smile forming. "Look at you! When did you get home? How are you? Oh, John, you do not know how good it is to see your face!"

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - John Blacke - 02-17-2023

John laughed. Always the same questions he thought to himself. It was good to see his sister. It had been too long. They had kept in touch while he was away but not as much since the kid had been born.

His arms embraced her and he held her close not letting her go. It felt good to hold her once more.

He smiled and turned round to pick up her basket. "Come on we can talk as we walk? You eaten I'm famished?" He stared to walk along the path. "Been home less than 48hrs"

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - Ruth Blacke - 02-17-2023

"Aye, I am a little peckish, brother," she said and looped her arm through his, gazing adoringly at her older sibling even though she did seem a bit sad. "I had a boy," she said quietly. "He's beautiful and bubbly, happy and so very smart. Doesn't take after Angus, that's for sure and certain." The name sounded pretty acidic.

"So much has happened. Let's go there," she pointed to a nearby establishment. "We'll eat while we talk and then walk some more, how does that sound?"

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - John Blacke - 02-18-2023

John smirked "oh I've gotten that picture from everyone already, Joe and I were close to wanting blood last night!"

He was pleased for his sister "that place sounds good! Sure I've got plenty time. The army has extended my leave for the time being" he walked towards the eatery establishment Ruth had pointed out. He made his way through the door and they were ushered to a table in which he instinctually pulled the chair out for his sister before sitting down himself and sliding her basket under the table that he had picked up. It wasn't long before the brought the menu over and he began scanning through it

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - Ruth Blacke - 02-18-2023

She blinked in surprise when he mentioned her husband possibly getting his ass beaten by her brothers. She did not know yet what had transpired. "What do ye mean?" she asked in curiosity.

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - John Blacke - 02-20-2023

John shook his head "ma showed me the article, I've been home less than 48hrs and that muppet Gareth what ever his surname is, has gone and gotten me suspended with that article pending investigation. I never disclosed my run ins with whitbys finest. Joe and I saw the article for the first time Last night." His fist tightened "I don't know who I want to hurt first him or your husband for hurting you but don't think there's much contest at the moment"

He sat back in his chair "I left whitby to get a fresh start. I got wounded and came home to recover before going back to the depot to train new recruits. I was up for promotion but lost that aswell because of the article and might even be facing jail time in military prison. He's gone and royally ruined everything for everyone"

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - Ruth Blacke - 02-20-2023

"Ugh, I hope he gets what is comin' to him," she grumbled. "He needs ta find a better hobby," she went on to say, her eyes flashing with anger and protection for her older brother and the rest of her family as well. She hadn't had much time to even know what was going on and he was filling her in.

RE: A Quiet Walk Through Town - John Blacke - 02-21-2023

It wasn't long before the waitress arrived at their table and John ordered "can I have the full English breakfast with extra sausage, toast and a cup of coffee. With sugar and milk"

He returned to his sister "if I wasn't losing everything, he wouldn't be here. I'd have dealt with him but I cant do anything without risking jail Time Ruth, not the first time I've been taken out of ma & da's in handcuffs. I think father would finally blow a gasket proper if I've only been back 3 days and the police turn up at the door. He'd wish I didn't come back!" Probably more than he already does John thought