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Hi! - Dropbear - 08-09-2019


I’m Dropbear, and as you can probably guess from that I am from Australia. You’ve probably seen me or one of my many characters around... important things you might like to know?:

  • I am one of the admin here - always willing to answer any questions you might have. Best way to reach me is probably through a DM but you can also tag me in any of the discord chats and I’ll be sure to reply when I can.
  • I work as a teacher full time in early childhood - as such I get tired during the week so my posting habits will very during week days. I will always try to catch up on weekends however. There is also the chance that I might disappear around report writing time/big paperwork times at work - always reachable on discord though.
  • I don’t mind being reminded to post - one downfall to so many characters is I lose track of threads. If you see me posting in others and I haven’t in ours please feel free to just poke me and give me a gentle reminder it’s there.

Sooo yeah... I look forward to RPing with you!