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Magnus Carrington IV: A Tragedy, Clearly - Morton Conover - 01-09-2022

News continues to unravel about the Carrington murders – the talk of the town.

One detailed article that happens to cannibalize a handful of other articles …
Quote:What drives a man who has it all to take even more?

Magnus Carrington IV, 27, was a respected member of the community, up until that grisly night months ago. Up until he was shot full of five bullets of three different calibers, he drank with the men. He was normal. Crude? Certainly. A fan of women? Not unduly.

Yet now, he is a man surrounded by speculation. Did his dearly beloved sister, Olivia, merely have a tragic case of being left at the alter despite her sizable dowry? Or was [something more foul] [afoot]?

True and trustworthy men, of course, knew of Magnus’ bit of business in the coals: The Diamond Pony. One of the best open secrets of Whitby, it has since been tarnished with the ashes of his reputation and the blood on his hands. According to Parish Clerk Rolando Vega, he secreted off to the council with a woman to be his wife. Sonia Carrington nee DeAngelis, 19, is an unknown woman of the kind of beauty that puts a woman in danger. Where they met, too, is a topic of great speculation! Of greater interest, however, is her inheritance. She is also believed to merely be the last of many such covert weddings, but the Parish Clerk could not be reached for further comment.

Despite the confirmed murders, we must remember that Magnus Carrington was above all else a man. A man with needs, wants, and homicidal tendencies. He was you and I in his darkest moment, even if his funeral was far grander and his death far more dramatic than you and I could ever hope for.

How this effects the Carrington family fortunes remain to be seen – especially with an eldest on the wake, a brother to follow, and triplets, should something happento Darius!

Morton Conover,
Chief Editor of the York Business Journal