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Maid of all the Work - Ellie Russell - 11-13-2021

Ellie rubbed her hand furiously back and forth. The tip of her tongue stuck out everso – a habit developed from her youth when she was really concentrating.  Maybe circles would help?  She moved her hand in lazy circles…. 
The scratch on the floor was stubborn, not to mention that Copperston’s Magic-o polish always gave her a headache. She pulled herself off her hands and knees to ponder her next action.  Her employers were out, and her list of tasks to be done before they returned was long.  Five minutes to sit and collect herself would help. She would be no good to anyone if she fainted from floor polish.

Ellie gently plopped herself on the piano stool.  As she did so, her elbow struck keys on the open piano that made an unmusical tone. Unawares, the young maid startled herself and thrust her hands into her lap as a reminder not to touch anything.  Alone, she surveyed the sitting room filled with the trappings of more wealth than she had or could hope for: ornate wall coverings, gilded pictures, a piano, heavy dark furniture.  She would dearly love to live in a house like this, so much space. Best of all, it did not smell of fish. Maybe with a different pattern on the walls and in the colour green. She loved the colour green.

But she wasn’t the lady of this house, just the domestic. It helped no one to dwell on the impossible.  If she lost this job... it was not a thought worth thinking. She cast her eyes downward toward the scratch, then pondered. Inspiration dawned on her.

“I’ll fill ye will boot black an’ polish ye down flat. Nowt y’ll know.” Ellie said aloud to no one.  She leapt from the stool, galvanized to action.. or maybe because of the fumes from the polish. There was boot black in the kitchen.