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Will roll to play - Jane Ripley - 10-15-2021

Let’s Meet...
Jane Marie Ripley

Charmed to Make Your Acquaintance

Full Name: Jane Marie Ripley
Nicknames: Janie
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: March 15th
Age: 20
Rank: upper-class
Area of Expertise: playing the piano and composing music for the piano, formerly horse showing and fox hunting

And Look at You

Height: 5’6” standing 4’ 5” in her chair
Weight: 150
Body type: slender and petite, though her legs are fragile-looking
Skin type: fair
Hair colour: blonde
Eye colour: blue
Distinguishing features: She is in a wheelchair
General Appearance: Her clothing is neat and tidy with no ornamentation or frills. She wears things given to her by the sisters. The blanket that covers her legs as she sits in the wheelchair was hand-made by one of the ladies that was touched by hearing Jane play the piano one evening. Her hair is cut short but the blonde tresses have a slight curl to them. Just enough curl to make the cut seem playful and innocent. Her fingers are long, tapered, and elegant. She doesn’t have them done, and if you look at the palm side, the calluses from using the wheelchair are easily felt and seen.
Portrayed by: Arielle Kebbel

Such a Delightful Person

Likes: piano music, playing piano music, writing piano music, listening to anything classical, and listening to choirs, horses
Dislikes: knives, the smell of alcohol, doctors, buildings that don’t have ramps, voices from those whose faces she can’t see
Ambitions: to write something for the piano that someone great wants to play before an audience in some famous theatre, to walk again
Fears: knives, drunks, people who are talking to her but stay out of her line of sight, and not being able to get away when she needs to
Deepest desire: to walk again
Personality: Jane is soft-spoken and highly intelligent, though few realize that she has more to recommend her other than her ability to play the piano. She is quiet and listens. She smiles often but doesn’t laugh. She does all she can for herself, hating to ask the sisters at the convent for help. They are already so busy and have done so much for her.

Writing Letters Home

Father: Blake Ripley|| 40 || Landowner/politics
Mother: Janell Ripley || 39 || involved in social charities
Siblings: none
Other: none

Blake and Janell were well done and loved each other dearly. Their daughter, Jane Mary Ripley, was something special. She grew up with love and had everything she might need. She went to a private girl's school of high reputation where she was well-liked and made many close friends. Like her mother, she was fair and like both parents, she was kind and volunteered in charities.

She did well in school. She was a born talent in music, especially piano. She was already writing music at the age of 10. She loved horses as well and participated in horse shows and competitions. Fox hunting was a thrill to her. It was while hunting that she fell from one of the jumps and she was hurt badly. So badly that she could not feel from the waist down when she was 16 years old. She got better other than the legs. 

The family took her all over the world trying to find someone that could figure out how to bring her feelings back. Her back was not broken, but the fall had done something to her spine that was unseen. Specialist all over tried their best, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, there was a specialist in Sweden that was supposed to do miracles with his patients. So, the family moved to Sweden where Jane's family lived near a convent that had a house that they lived in so she could be treated by the nearby doctor.

The nuns at the convent near where Jane now lived gave her access to the piano. It was all that kept her focused on the positive as she struggled with the fact that the damage done by the fall had left her paralyzed from the waist down. Jane’s gift with the keyboard took flight over the next four years. Eventually, when she turned 20, she told them she was ready to go home. It wasn't working and she just wanted to get as much of a life as she could back to normal. She had finished her schooling with a tutor there in Sweden, and she had made friends, but she missed home. She didn't know if her friends would visit her again, but they had written to her over the years. She felt she needed to accept that she would not ever walk or ride a horse again. The nuns though had helped her realize that she could do other things even without her legs. She was positive about life, but this was not home. So, they went back to their home in Whitby.

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