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RE: Jack's Plotter - Jack - 06-12-2021

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48 * Railway fireman * Husband * Father


Personality: Hard-working, quiet, rigid, tactless, anxious

Main motivations and struggles: William's main desire is to stay out of trouble and to see his children do the same. He probably could have gotten a promotion if he tried, for he works hard and is reliable, but he shuns additional responsibilities and likes to stay in the background. He's rather disappointed in how his children seem to look for trouble and he's holding a tighter reign on the younger two, hoping to remedy this.

Possible connections:
  • Bill might be encountered at the station before getting on the train, after his work, or during his breaks. He's keen to help passengers who need it.
  • Bill could do with some friends. He probably spends time with them in the pub.
  • Since he's worked for the railway a long time, he knows most other Whitby people who work there.
  • We can probably work out something else/a more concrete relationship. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

RE: Jack's Plotter - Jack - 06-17-2021

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46 * Wife * Mother


Personality: Intelligent, perceptive, charming, proud, manipulative, anxious

Main motivations and struggles: Anne has recently lost her eldest son, Magnus. Magnus turned out to be a serial killer and was shot dead while trying to kill one of his victims. Anne is not a very loving person, and her relationship with Magnus was always only warm on the surface, but she struggles with this loss of an eldest son and the stigma her family suffers as a result of the scandal. Anne resents her husband, whom she sees as selfish, callous, and even abusive. She blames him for the way Magnus turned out. She also resents her adoptive daughter Pearl, who is her husband's bastard, born of a maid. Her husband threatened and coerced Anne into staying silent and raising the girl as her own, but Anne has never loved her and feels Pearl has always disrespected her. Anne has recently found out that her husband intends to cut her and her children out of his will and leave everything to Pearl and her working class husband. To make matters worse, there is another potential claim to family money from Magnus' widow. Anne is determined to fight back, get her hands on the family money, punish her husband and Pearl, and keep her daughter-in-law from ever having a legal claim.

Possible connections:
  • If your character is a lawyer, Anne might employ them for legal advise. She is currently seeking advise from Zechariah Meijer, but she doesn't know whether she can trust him, and she would probably talk to multiple lawyers.
  • Anne has many friends and acquaintances in the area, although she has probably lost some after the recent Magnus scandal. If your character is moving in Whitby's upper circles, they may be friends with Anne. Expect them to play a role in her schemes and probably not even realize it until they are in too deep to get out. She will certainly try it. Alternatively, they could be someone she was on friendly terms with, but who now stays away from the Carringtons not to taint their own reputation.
  • Anne is always looking for more pets and allies.
  • Is your character insignificant? Then they might just see another side of Anne.
  • Anne has recently shown up at the police station with a dislocated shoulder, claiming her husband pulled her arm so forcefully he injured her, and that she is afraid of him. The police didn't do much with it at the time, other than getting a doctor for Anne, because they are afraid to cross her very powerful husband and this is 'a domestic issue' after all. However, if your character has some leverage within the police force and care enough they could decide to investigate.
  • Is your character a reporter, a town gossip, a religious, political or other type of leader, or someone else with social influence? Then Anne might be particularly interested in getting to know them.
  • We can probably work out something else/a more concrete relationship. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

RE: Jack's Plotter - Jack - 09-21-2022

Shelved for the moment (just so I don't forget them):