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Hello! - Jack - 08-01-2019

I’m Jack. I’m a Dutch. Yes, I ride a bike to work. Yes, I eat a lot of cheese.
I absolutely love reading and writing stories and I adore roleplay. My favourite characters are either the not quite good, not quite bad characters with annoying habits and petty vices, or objective assholes. I absolutely love drama, but I also like a bit of humour to balance it out. Feel free to throw both into our threads as you please!
My absolute favourite thing is a good rapid fire, but even if you can only post once a month, I would still love to rp with you and get to know you! I’m actually always up for a thread and would love to build crazy storylines together, so do not hesitate to approach me either on discord or via PM! I don’t bite.
I just pass gas a lot…
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRFvfa2FBQnlPfZjRMyHMY...SKKXDQHZK2]