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As Advertised - Somniac - 07-28-2019

Hey folks. I’m one of the admins. You've probably seen me on various directories.

I’m a Millenial who has seen various roleplay formats come and go. Before this, I spent a lot of time on persistent world roleplaying game servers and IRC. Forums have always been my favorite aspect, though. I still remember getting into circlejerks with other people who enjoyed writing sagas in MMORPG forums. Good times.

I like comedy, history (particularly focusing on what Hollywood erases), various older fandoms, DIY shenanigans, having music for every occasion, mobility aids, respectful debate, rainbow things, some bots, and efficiency. I like a lot of things. Chances are that even if I don’t like something, I can still find something admirable in it.

I’m socially DM-friendly, though I do ask that staff work be kept to #bug-reports.

Welcome, and I hope you create and find some riveting plots with us here!