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RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 11-14-2020

Nesah's eyes narrowed a little when he began to laugh, and she was ready to inwardly condemn this man and put him on her hate list - a list that was remarkably long, especially compared to the list of people she liked. But as he began to speak, he expression softened and she quirked an eyebrow once again, the way she did when something interested her, but she she still wanted to look reserved.

"Lady Mary sounds like an interesting person," she commented. She looked around for where that waiter was. It was time for her to get going.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 11-20-2020

"That she is."  He grinned, thinking of his friend.  "If yu ever get tae London, let me know. I will give yu 'er contact information.  She would like yu tae I am thinking."  He nodded.

The waiter came in about then and gave them a look.  "Anything I can bring you?"

"I believe we are aboot finished 'ere."  He put some coins out for the bill.  It was well more than expected even with a tip.  The man gave a surprised look and gave a bow of his head in gratitude.  "Thank you, sir."

Douglas smiled as the other man started to gather the plates and items from their table to allow them to visit longer if they so wished. 

"Would you wish another refill of your tea?"  The waiter asked looking at the lady.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 11-20-2020

Nesah nodded. She doubted whether she would have the courage to call on a stranger. The rules of polite society were complicated enough at home. She would not easily take risks in this strange context, especially not in relation to a woman she might actually like.

She let him pay - he was the gentleman after all - and when the waiter asked if she wanted a refill, she shook her head. "No thank you," she said and she turned to Douglas. "I should get going." She rose and started putting her coat back on. "It was a pleasure talking to you, sir. Thank you for tea."

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 11-23-2020

Douglas stood and gave a gracious nod of his head.  "My pleasure."  He waved his hand toward the exit.  "I 'ope we might meet again.  I 'ave enjoyed the visit.  If ever yu are in wish of a painting, ask around for me at the library there in town.  I am there often."  He winked teasing her.  "We both need a change in environment from time tae time."

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 11-23-2020

"I am in the library a lot, sir. I am sure I shall run into you soon enough then." But not too soon, hopefully, or he'd start getting ideas. She gave him a nod and left.