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RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-23-2020

That question provoked a short laugh from her, albeit a cheerless one. "There's not much a young lady on her own can do in a town like this." Or that a young lady could do at all. "I read. I take walks." She watched other ladies. She bullied the maid. She dressed in her brother's clothes when he wasn't home, for revenge. Nesah picked up her cup and gave him a sardonic smile. "A woman's life does not really begin until she's found a husband."

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-24-2020

He considered her words and the tone she had spoken with.  With a lazy unconcerned tone, he gave her a glance and continued with this thread of thought.  "Sounds boring indeed.   What woold yu du if yu 'ad more options?"  He knew ladies that painted and wrote, of course, his favorite group of friends were not the typical ladies and gentlemen.  "Or du yu plan tae wait for this 'usband tae allow yu tae 'begin'?"

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-24-2020

That last question sounded like a challenge, and Nesah took it as such. She picked up her cup and sipped some tea quietly with defiant calmness. Only when she had taken her time to put it down again, did she answer: "I would go to university, get a degree and job, make my own money and never need a man." She looked at him directly as if threatening him to run away after hearing such a provoking, unfeminine answer. Nesah was well aware of the fact that many men found the notion of a woman not needing a man downright terrifying. But he had already proven to be an odd person, and she was mildly interested to see his response.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-27-2020

He watched as she paused.  He was curiuos about her answer.  When it came, he was surprised, considering she had seemed to not be interested in the ordinary.  Education of that would not be something most proper ladies would even consider it. 

"Sae yu believe ladies 'ave the ability tae gae intae the academy world?"  He sipped his tea calmly with his interest in her growing once again. 

"There is a lot of debate and some consider it an insult tae even be near a lass speaking that way.  Are yu also for the ability of a lass tae have a vote?"  He had enjoyed being around the "educated" gentlemen that debate these topics, and watched some ladies that were basically turned shunned from in other women social groups.

"Yu say a job tae make yur own money, what kind of job would yu take on?"  He took another sip of his tea and gave her a curious glance.  "Woold nae that make yu of the ordinary population that yu find sae boring?"

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-27-2020

Nesah had just picked up her cup again, but put it down just a little to loudly. Her fingers remained on the handle, turning pale. She did not take her gaze off the man. His response was perhaps not surprising, but it still made her angry. Was he mocking her?

She finally let go of her cup, and took her serviette off her lap to pat her mouth clean, despite not having finished her meal. "I didn't say I dislike everything ordinary. I just don't see the point in painting it," she said quite sharply. "Anyway, one can do very little, ordinary or extraordinary, without money or the independence that results from it. And as for the vote: If a woman is educated and pays rates, I do not see why she should be denied influence over where her money goes." She raised her chin slightly and looked him in the eye unapologetically, as if daring him to disagree.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-29-2020

He was silent listening to her reply.  She only answered part of what he had asked.  That was interesting along with her words for what she did reply. 

"Good point.  Nae everyone find all of my paintings bonny.  Some like some, some like none of them, some like most, some like few."  He shrugged.

"Everyone 'as their own interest in the various focus of the different arts and the styles.  I, for example, am nae fond of the photograph as an art.  It 'as its usefulness, but it is nae the kind of art that I find worth spending my time learning tae use the device.  Though I appreciate the skill some dae 'ave in capturing some scenes.  And the ability tae create a device of that sort is quite ingenious."  Though most were not alive to him as a painting or sculpting felt to be in his mind and heart.

He raised a brow at her statement that one had to have money to do something.  "That I disagree with.  Many 'ave done things without the means to be independent.  Aye, it 'elps, but some of the most amazing things 'ave been done by the poorest that put their mind tae it." 

He chuckled at her expression.  "A group I visit in London includes some very educated ladies that would agree with that statement.  Some of them disagree.  It is a very spiriting conversation."  He took a sip of the tea.  "I find the most interesting lasses are the ones that dinna 'ide their intelligence."  He gave her a look.

"The group I 'ave spent some time with are very involved with the Bedford College in London.  I 'ave met some back in Scotland that are involved with The University of St Andrews  in Fife."  He actually had donated to the school of arts there, but he had yet let her know who he was or that he was more than a mere artist. 

"If yu are indeed interested in the university, yu might find there are places and people of same mindset.  Some with 'elp of sponsors even.  When someone sees the right spark there, there are those that want tae see where that person goes with the inteligence they are born with.  I 'ave a few friends with just that kind of funds.  Much like the Greeks would do tae sponsor a poor lad tae gae study at the knees of the teachers."

He waved for the waiter wanting to take care of the bill and get another refill of the tea.  "Now though, there are places that it dinna require it tae be a lad.  Times are changing.  Some faster than others, aye, but it is changing and the smart people will accept it even if they are nae thrilled aboot it."  He shrugged.  That he knew about such schools allowing female students might indicate that he was along with those pushing for the female vote.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 11-01-2020

Nesah scoffed when the painter said some of the poorest had done extraordinary things, and she would have objected, but the man continued speaking. She sat back and watched him as if trying to figure him out, while he made his suggestions. She was slightly offended that he began about money - although if her family did not support her, she might need funds to study in the first place. Still, she hadn't thought of that, hoping that if she got in, her family would support her. "Oh, I know most places are open to women now...." she said. "But many women have not had that same privilege in preparing as their brothers."

She placed her serviette on the table and resolved to be nicer to this man. He seemed well-connected in university circles and his influence might just be an opening. "You seem to move in very interesting circles... But do your friends know that many young women have spent their childhoods with governesses, receiving a rudimentary education, because they were forced to focus on their accomplishments? Many of them have no school leaving certificate, even if they have later taught themselves beyond the level of their brothers."

Her brothers were idiots.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 11-04-2020

He nodded.  "I tend tae enjoy those that dinna let the typical and expected be their limits.  Those that think of things ootside themselves.  The ones that want tae see what can 'appen nae just because of what life they were born tae."

He gave her a challenging wink.  "Those that gae past what others think they can or per'aps should are the ones that interest me."  He had thought maybe that is what had drawn him to her in the first place.  Her there alone on those ruins and on the beach had seemed to be challenging the rules for her gender.  A rebel of sorts.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 11-09-2020

Nesah lightly quirked a brow. She was confused both by his body language and his response. Was he trying to court her? Oh dear. It was probably her own fault too for coming along with him. This could get awkward real quick. She looked around to see if the waiter was coming already, to distract herself. Then she looked back at him and smiled politely.

"Well, sir," she said, hoping he did not realize that she had forgotten his name. "Not many share that perspective, at least not with regard to women. For example, I personally have no intent of ever getting married, but many would and will condemn me for such a choice." He might as well, but she did not mind it much. He did not know her family, so he could not use it against her, and she wanted to avert other disasters for now.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 11-12-2020

He gave back more of a laugh than earlier.  It drew some eyes from the few people that were there.  He gave her a look of humor. 

"Lady Mary would love yu."  His laughter was brief, though with humor not condemnation.  "She is part of that group I spoke aboot.  She dinna join in every time I've been there, but when she is it is quite a spirited conversation.  She is quite with the women's vote but also quite plainly spoken over 'ow a woman dinna need a mon and says she 'as done quite 'er well withoot one."

"There is some argue with that by the others but nae condemn.  They like the argue I think.  Or solve problems that the world 'as at that moment.  Like I said, I enjoy their company.  Though they are nae young as yu are.  Nae ancient, but old enough tae be respected by most around them.  The ladies are at times considered tae be touched in the 'ead.  They 'old their own and are old enough tae know when tae make their aguemental comments and when tae let things slide for that particular population.  I believe they have gained more ladies to thinking their way this manner than blasting through the society event.  They are vera wise, they are."  He smiled.  "And keep me entertained." 

He would step up if anyone ever hurt them, as would the men in the group.  They might not agree with each other, but they were friends and respected the intelligence and arguements that are made.