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RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-16-2020

How could a person be so passionate about something? There was little that Nesah was interested in, let alone passionate about. What an oddball, she thought with jealous cynicism.

"Oh, I agree that social events can be equally annoying," she commented - though in her case that was mostly because concerned family and friends were starting to ask whether there were enough suitable men in her circle, and would introduce her to their friends' and relatives' sons. At least here she didn't have to suffer that pressure. She could, on the other hand, enjoy a juicy bit of gossip (if it wasn't about her) and she was deprived of that here.

She had not been to any social events here, and did not miss it too much. She did not easily feel alone, though she wouldn't mind having a lady friend to lift the boredom of this mediocre little town.

"I don't think men are worse gossipers than women..." she reflected. "But women are punished much harsher when their reputations are ruined..." Admittedly, Nesah had little compassion for such women. Of course she had heard of respectable young ladies in her own environment who had gotten pregnant and were ostracised, but Nesah felt it was their own fault and kind of dumb. It was the double standard that bothered her.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-17-2020

"Oh, women can be cruel.  Men are more interested in sharing," he paused and decided to not be indelicate and just be vague as it was something he felt appropriate for a lady's ears, "different kinds of information.  Businesses that might fail, who watered the liquer, where tae get a good ale, good company, and the like."  He took a bite. 

The kinds of company that gents would share information of trying to get into his circle with pointing out light skirts that he might find here or there, or that lady that was not as ladylike as she seemed and the such.  Not that he didn't spend time with certain ladies from time to time.  He was not looking to join in the ruination of the local ladies with such chatter with the gents.

The waiter brought in Nesah's cucumber delicate small sandwiches on a plate.  "Here you go, ma'am."  He said politely.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-17-2020

"Thank you," said Nesah as her food was brought. She looked down and was relieved to find that there did not seem to be anything un-kosher about it.

She turned her attention back to the painter. "Men's conversation sounds boring." She lied. Well, it sounded rather boring, but she still wished she could be part of it, rather than be stuck with her own sex. "You cannot imagine the joys of discussing Miss X's new dress, Mrs. Y's recent marriage, and how handsome Mr. Z looks. Women's conversations are so intellectually stimulating, I feel sorry you should be left out." Her voice was thick with sarcasm.

She cut a part of her sandwich and took a bite. It tasted rather bland.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-19-2020

He chuckled at her description of the conversations.  "Sounds aboot as exciting as my last society event."  He had been known there and knowing he was single and an earl, the mothers and young daughters, and not so single older women had been hanging around him wanting his attention. 

"I would offer to switch groups, but I dinna  think I would do much better than yu dae in yurs.  All fluff and no brain.  If yu were intae art, I might invite yu tae a group I visit with when I gae in tae London.  But yu are nae intae the ordinary and these are completely ordinary."  He shrugged taking a sip of his tea. 

He thought about a group of old men at a park in London.  They had been professors when much younger, now they spent time in a park playing chess and arguing about old poets and writers.  He had painted them there and enjoyed their arguments about this or that topic.  There had been some equally older ladies sitting nearby popping in comments from time to time.  They had been old enough they didn't care who thought about them having argued with the men.  He had found out later that one was the wife of one of the men playing chess and the other had been a widow of a professor that had once been in the group.

Douglas always stopped by to bring in some scones when he was in London and visited with them.  He was always the youngest one there, and yet they didn't mind him being there.  They had all ended up hiring him to do paintings for their homes.  One of the couples, the others were of their grandchildren.  One of the men had bought the painting he had done of their group to put up in his study.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-19-2020

Once again she struggled to understand all he was saying, though she got the general idea. Of course she would never accept such an invitation even if he did ask. Having lunch with him without a chaperone was bad enough. She didn't care, but she knew that she couldn't take all too great risks with her reputation. She wasn't sure whether she quite trusted him anyway.

"I've never been to London before," she said. "What's it like there?"

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-20-2020

"Where most common people live its dirty mainly.  In the factory areas and along the docks it smells and the air is nae vera clean.  In where the gents 'ave offices there it is cleaner.  Unless yu stay in the fancy neighborhoods."  He gave her a small teasing smile as she had made it clear that she didn't like dirty ordinary things.  

"There it is bonny," he paused not sure if she would be aquainted to that term, "pretty.  Some of them beautiful.  The architecture is unique.  I do like walking around in the older neighborhoods.  A lot of history there in that city."

He took another bite and chewed a moment and then wiped his lips politely.  "The whole city 'as a lot of 'istorical areas."

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-20-2020

Nesah ate a sandwich as he spoke. When he finished she shrugged. "It's like that in most cities. Where the poor live, it's dirty. Even here. I got lost one day and ended up in their area. It was very scary."

Yeah, especially the bit where that young boy had directed her back to the main street by walking there with her. Nesah had been afraid the kid would mug her any second.

"York has a lot of history too. I liked walking the city wall."

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-20-2020

He gave her a look of interest.  "I have been to York once or twice, but not enough to explore.  I will have to make some time to do so."  He tilted his head with interest.

"Other than the ruins 'ere, are there any other 'istorical places that are a must see?"  He asked curiously.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-21-2020

Nesah shook her head. "I am sure you know the country better. I have only been to York and Middlesbrough." She struggled with the pronunciation of the latter. "I did not like Middlesbrough. It is clean enough further away from the center, but there's too many factories, and the harbour is worse than here." Full of filthy and ill-mannered people that was.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-22-2020

He shrugged and finished his snack and then took another sip of his tea.  "I 'ave a list of places that I want tae visit to do some drawings and paintings, but I am always keeping an ear for new places to add tae the list."  He explained. 

He motioned to the waiter to bring more tea.  Looking at Nesah, he asked curiously, "What hobbies dae yu 'ave that keep yu active day tae day?"