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RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-10-2020

Nesah felt irritated. Now the waiter acted like it was her fault. As if she was supposed to know they'd serve their eggs in this ridiculous way here. "Yes, but not like this..." she said, pointing at the food. "Do you serve them without pig?"

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-10-2020

"No ma'am, that is the only kind of eggs offered here.  Would you like to have the menu again to select another option?"  He asked.  The eggs were boiled and wrapped around with the meat the night before and put into the ice box next to the block of ice and then the next steps done the day of so that they are brought to the tables hot.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-10-2020

Nesah didn't understand why they had to make it so difficult and couldn't just bring her eggs, but she assumed that it was another barbaric English thing. There was a price to be paid for being far away from one's mother.

"Yes please," she replied. Do you have anything without pig...?"

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-12-2020

The waiter nodded and went over to where the menu cards were kept.  He brought over one of the cards. 

"We have muffins, tea cakes, finger sandwiches, delicate shrimp and salmon open sandwiches, scones to serve with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd, as well as a slice of lemon cake."  He recited the menu again with an even polite tone.

With her reaction to the 'pig' issue, he added, "The finger sandwiches contain ham or cucumber.  A mixture of both are put on the small plate, but I can substitute the ones with ham with more of the cucumber version if that would be of your approval."  He offered.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-12-2020

Nesah thought. "I'll have that, please..." she said. "The cucumber sandwiches. Thank you." She was relieved that she could swap her meal, but also annoyed that it was necessary and all the fuss was embarrassing.

When the waiter was gone, she turned to Douglas. "It is strange that they serve egg with meat... They should tell."

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-12-2020

The waiter nodded and took away the dish she had not wanted to head to the backroom to get the other items.

Douglas shrugged taking a sip.  Then replied.  "Sometimes the name of the dish is not a complete description of what it is.  If you are not familiar with the name, it could be confusing."  He reasoned.  Then he took a bite of his own selection.

Chewing quietly with his mouth closed, he then wiped his lips with the nearby cloth napkin.  He personally enjoyed ham and eggs, but with her being unfond of pork, he didn't mention that. 

"Why did you go to the beach?  I know why I went, but most of those that could avoid it today did."  He asked giving her a curious glance.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-12-2020

Nesah sat back, glad that the issue was being handled, and glad that the painter understood. "Sitting inside all day gets boring. And my brother is a pain," she said. "But I don't like going to the beach when it is busy. So I thought I'd make the best of the bad weather."

So yes, she hated rain less than she hated people...

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-13-2020

"Reasonable choice then."  He nodded.   Pausing to take another bite, he chewed silently.   Then he raised a brow and gave a curious glance.  "How long have you been in the area?"  It sounded like she had not gotten into the social whirl as most ladies would, so he wondered why that was.

RE: Natural Beauty - Nesah Meijer - 10-15-2020

"Too long." Nesah said scornfully. "A few months. You'll soon be bored with this town too, believe me..." She pursed her lips and she considered that. "Though perhaps not, as you can find beauty in the average."

Even so, if he did get bored, he could leave. Nesah, on the other hand, was trapped, and it only made her resent the town more.

RE: Natural Beauty - Douglas Gordon - 10-16-2020

"Things aroond me boring?  Nae.  Especially when oot in places like this or oot in the 'ighlands.  I could paint and draw every day.  I sometimes forget tae eat when I get sae into what I am painting."  He shrugged. 

"I get more bored with social events, tae be honest.  Especially in the city.  This person showing off 'ow better they are tae the next person and gossipping."  He chuckled taking a sip from his cup.  "People think it is only women, but men can be just as bad."  He frowned.  "And just as ruinful tae a lady's reputation."   He preferred the galleys, walks, and museums when in this or that city.

"From time tae time, I find someone with a brain of their own and nae just a follower, and 'ave an interesting conversation.  Other than that, when I must attend certain events, I just imagine what this or that person might look like on a canvas."