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Ladybugs have swarmed - vwinsect - 09-12-2020

I have been in online rpg writing since aroudn 2000.  I have created too many characters to list, though I did try one time.  I have been a co-creator of several boards, and a member of many more.  These include, historical, fantasy, Harry Potterish, were/vamp, and currently now on a board that is a sci-fi theme over a galaxy with many planets.  It however, has not been as active as I would like for it to be, so, now I am here joining you and your group.

I am a former science high school (and middle school) teacher.  I taught for 20 years and planned to teach for many years to come.  However, in 2017, a stroke took away my happy place.  I have had to relearn how to walk, talk, read, and write.  I was lucky/blessed that it was not worse than it was.  However, it made me unable to teach.  I get very anxious and nervous around too many people as too many sounds and movements get me all confused.   I have to really focus with talking to people to chat.  So, discord can get a bit much for me when it goes fast, but I am working on it.

I have aphasia (which explains my needing to relearn to talk and communicate).  This makes reading sometimes a bit of a struggle when there is a long post, but if I reread it a few times, I get it.  Usually.  I will ask questions, and so I hope that is okay.  I have relearned to type and write (obviously... I can talk too much ....just not in complicated vocabulary), and this has now become once again my major hobby.  It has helped me work on recreating the pathways in my brain with the knowledge I have to the way to communicate it.

The knowledge is still there, just hard to communicate it.  Words go missing or slipped around.  Example... I will say neck and mean to say knee.   I might say years and mean minutes.  So, verbally, still a big challenge at times.  Writing though I do better.  I am more visual than audible.   I am also very linear and take things literally, so if I don't get a joke, please help me.  

I collect ladybugs.  Yes, you read that correctly.  My maiden name initials was VW.  Volks Wagon bugs always made me think of ladybugs, and well, there it started.  My id here is vwinsect for the same reason.  VWbug was always taken on things when I made emails.  So, being the science teacher that I was, I just used insect instead of bug and there ya go: vwinsect.

Ladybugs just make me smile and happy.  

I am married, and my hubby has now started writing on the board I spoke of earlier that is slower than I had hoped it would be.  He works full time.  I don't work, due to being disabled, and so caused me to look for a more active board.  That brings it back to you all.

Too much information, I am sure.  But I am looking forward to getting to know you.  I spoke of the aphasia issue so that if you see mistakes in a post, please let me know and be patient with me.  I love creating stories and characters to see where they go and what they will do.

RE: Ladybugs have swarmed - Jack - 09-12-2020

I've already said welcome in Discord, but welcome again, and especially: yes, do ask questions if you need help! And don't worry about typos! We're all here to have fun!

RE: Ladybugs have swarmed - vwinsect - 09-12-2020

Thank you so very much.  Smile