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The Carrington Family - Pearl Carrington - 07-21-2019

Magus Carrington III
Magus is the eldest brother in the brood. He is 27, good looking, a shrewd businessman, and he has a very arrogant attitude. He is heir.

Darius Carrington
Darius is the second in line, but he has absolutely no interest in trains. He is 26, also good looking but in a more rugged sense, and he is a sensitive soul with the heart of a poet. 
Alice Carrington
The eldest lass, she is a bossy young thing who graduated at the top of her class in finishing school. She is 24, more plain than beautiful, but she knows how to charm a man into giving her things. She is jealous of her youngest sister, who is the prettiest of the girls. She is very much a busybody.
Thomas Carrington
Thomas is 23, not so good looking, kind of a chunk, and very introverted. He isn't lazy, he is just rather quiet and bookish. He is a librarian and he may or may not be more into men than women.
Olivia Carrington
Olivia is 21, she is a morose young thing with a tragic bit of history. She was once engaged to a handsome young man, but he disappeared the day before they were to wed and nobody has seen or heard from him since.
Roderick Carrington, Robert Carrington, Roger Carrington
These boys, 19 years old, are identical triplets (which is why they are grouped together, though they are all separate characters). They are all very mischievous young men, all still in University but for different professions. One brother is very serious about schooling, another isn't that interested, and the third is somewhere in the middle.
General Looks:
The Carringtons all have dark hair, though they have a range of eye colors. The triplets all look the same, obviously. The heights vary as well, for the mother is petite while the father is tall. Aside from the triplets, whatever picture you use is up to you. I think with the triplets, whoever picks the first one picks the face claim.
Magus Carrington III (the father) is a merchant and so the family was raised in gentry, and is almost as wealthy as some aristocrats. The mother is Anne Carrington and she is very snobby.

I leave it all up to you, the player, to decide whatever else to put into their profiles, their likes and dislikes, some of their history, etc.

RE: The Carrington Family - Grimscythe - 12-01-2019

Hello! I was wondering if I could take Olivia. She sounds like the perfect character for my style of writing.

RE: The Carrington Family - Pearl Carrington - 12-01-2019

She is yours