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RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Benjamin Ward - 05-07-2020

"Oh..." Ben said. He took a smoke, watching Anthony. Was this guy trying to live off Elijah? "What kind of work are ye looking for?"

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Anthony Rowe - 05-07-2020

"Anything to put food on the table, really," Anthony laughed awkwardly, pretending that this was just another casual topic and not something that made him start to panic about his financial status. Whatever. He can't break down in front of strangers.

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Benjamin Ward - 05-08-2020

Ben slowly blew out the smoke and nodded. "I'll ask around for ye, if ye like. Jobs ain't easy to get these days, but I'll keep me ears open."

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Anthony Rowe - 05-08-2020

Anthony wasn't sure whether to be glad about that offer or not, but he chose to be the former. He was always too occupied with his panic attacks and drinking and wallowing over not having a job to actually go look for one, so this was really fairly welcomed. "Oh. Okay. Thank you."

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Benjamin Ward - 05-08-2020

Anne came back in with the fish and began taking potatoes out of a cupboard. She looked from her father to Anthony.

"Will ye join us for dinner?" Ben asked their guest.

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Anthony Rowe - 05-08-2020

Anthony looked towards Anne briefly as she came back in, and then quickly looked away as to not make her uncomfortable or anything. He glanced at Ben as the man spoke again. "I don't want to overstay my welcome or anything," Anthony laughed a bit awkwardly, trying to remain polite. But he was actually very much hoping that they're for hin staying for dinner, because he really doesn't want to miss a free meal.

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Benjamin Ward - 05-09-2020

"Ye needn't worry about that," said Ben and he turned to his daughter. "Anne, make sure ye prepare enough."

Anne nodded. She looked at Anthony sheepishly and then began peeling potatoes.

Ben, meanwhile got up, picked up a long line and the basket Anne had brought in earlier and sat down again. He began putting bait on the hooks, coil by coil. "What kind of work have ye done in the past?" he asked, his eyes on his working hands. "If I can tell of some work experience, it might help."

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Anthony Rowe - 05-09-2020

Anthony was glad about that, at least. He nodded in acknowledgment, briefly making very awkward eye contact with Anne and breaking it immediately.

Anthony, unsure of what else he should be doing right now, watched Ben do whatever it was that he was doing. He began to fidget with his hands as soon as the man had asked him the question. "I'd rather not say," he replied.

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Benjamin Ward - 05-09-2020

Ben's eyes shot up at him and narrowed a little, as if he was trying to see through his skin into his head. Anne looked from her father to the visitor, a little nervous.

Ben looked at his daughter and then back at Anthony. "I see..." he said, voice rather deeper than before.

But suddenly the door burst open and two boys entered: a boy of about thirteen, who was dragging along a struggling younger boy - the one who had once claimed that Anthony had kidnapped him, and who had popped in and out earlier. "Father! Bram doesn't want to come home to help!" The older boy reported, but he stopped in his tracks when he saw there was a guest. "Oh, sorry."

RE: Yes, This Is Hell - Anthony Rowe - 05-09-2020

Anthony averted his gaze, feeling pretty nervous and uncomfortable, now.

Which meant that he was kinda glad that they had been interrupted like this. Anthony looked at the two boys as soon as they had made their entrance, before quickly looking away yet again before he could even figure out whether he could recognize them or not. This was uncomfortable, awkward and he was very close to just running the fuck away. "'s fine," he said quietly.