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Eugene Longbottom
Prisoner #26791

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Registered: 01-21-2023

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Eugene Longbottom
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 21
Occupation: Prisoner
Class: Working
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Father - Harry Longbottom
Mother - Anita Longbottom

Siblings (as known)
Elder Brother - Claude
Elder sisters - Sophia & Eliza
Twin brother - Albert
Younger sister - Ruth
Younger Brothers - Noah, Adeline & Alexander (twins), George and James
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5ft 8
Physical Description: Eugune isnt the largest or the stockiest having spent the last 6 years eating daily prison food with an hours exercise every single day.

Before prison wasnt much better, the family didnt have much in the way of money so some days you ate and others you didnt.
History: Eugene was born in the summer of 1874 with his twin brother Albert, in the back streets of whitby screaming and crying before getting his backside slapped when he came from the womb.

growing up Eugene didnt have much time for school and would be truant most days. he started off small, learning pickpocketing, running errands for the smugglers but got a little too big for his boots, by the age of 13 he was breaking into houses and stealing.

when he was 15 he was canvasing a job to the south of the town when it went wrong. he was coming through the back of the garden when he was stopped and challenged. he attacked the person in question while holding a knife in his hand.

the police investigated and a statement was given describing Eugene to the letter which resulted in him being arrested 2 days after the theft/assault and was given a 6 year sentence

Eugene was brought before the sheriff court and charged with Assault and Robbery, this came with a 6 year sentence

Eugune is coming to the end of his sentence, hes served it all in a small cold cell that the wind would howl through during the stormy nights, he is allowed one hour of exercise per day but the rest of the time is spent in a cell barely wider than the bed
Alias: Hutchie

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