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Louise Ward
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Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Louise Ward
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 19
Occupation: Market Stall Worker/Black Market Dealer
Class: Working
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Father: Paul Ward (deceased, drowned 1889)
Mother: Mary Ward nee ???
Eldest Brother: Luke Ward, 24
Brother: Matthew Ward (deceased - drowned 1889)
Sibling: Loretta Ward (living) aged 19 (Twin Sister)
Sister: ___ Ward (living), aged 13
15 other siblings, 2 surviving - 12 died before their first year. The other died latter in life. Loretta & Louise are one of two surviving twins

Uncle: [1844] Benjamin Ward
Aunt: Hanna Ward nee Hawksfield (deceased)
Cousin: Tom Ward (deceased, drowned)
Cousin: Simon Ward (deceased, hanged for murder)
Cousin: Lizzie Ward (deceased, infant mortality)
Cousin: [1875] Maggie Colley nee Ward (alive, fate worse than death: married)
Cousin: [1876] Rose Willaby nee Ward
Cousin: [1878] Alice Appleton nee Ward
Cousin 1x Removed: [1895] ??? Appleton
Cousin: [1879] Anne Ward
Cousin: [1881] William Ward
Cousin: [1886] Bram Ward
Cousin: Paul Ward (deceased, infant mortality)

3 Paternal Aunts
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5ft
Physical Description: Louise is an athletic shaped woman giving her natural curves and a strong stature. This is due to her being a keen runner and keeps up her fitness as best she can

Her natural striking feature is the family signature red hair which all the siblings have. This makes telling who is a member of the Ward family rather easily in Whitby. She also covers a scar on the base or her neck above her spine with her hair. This was caused by piece of glass in a freak accident when she was walking home and fell on broken glass.
History: Louise was born the younger of Two twin sisters. Loretta was born 24 minutes earlier than Louise making her slightly older but this was completely irrelevant in a family that wanted boys but sadly had more luck produced girls.

Louise was born into a fishing family and it would be the great ocean that would claim the lives of both her Father and brother when she was only 12 years old. The sea claimed quite a few of the family only leaving a handful of men of her kin left.

Louise did her best at school but this resulted in her obtaining average grades and not much hope to further herself because of her ties being working class.

Most weekends and school holidays were spent working on the fishing with her family. She would man the stalls at the markets praying the men would come back with a decent haul to allow them to eat slightly better.

Some hauls were better than others. This resulted in Louise dabbling with the black market buying and selling stolen trinkets and jewelry to help support the family. A silly move but one that gave a little extra to put food on the table when the fish didn't

She almost got caught after a random police search of the market one day but thankfully Elijah Crane one of the constables had been made aware of the search and because of his ties had been able to prewarn them of the impending search

Louise always has and a close bond with her twin Loretta since they day they were born. They both knew of each others activities to keep the family afloat but kept it to themselves to avoid anyone else knowing.

Louise is also a very keen runner and could be found out in the early mornings in the summer trying to keep cool running avoiding the hottest parts of the days. This is her escape and enjoys the time on her own

Louise runs the fish stand at the market regularly to try and bring the income in from the fish but still works on the black market selling small trinkets and jewelry that can be concealed easily during searches

Louise also has a contact down south that she would periodically ship stuff to that were too hot to handle in whitby
Alias: Hutchie

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