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William St. Clair
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Registered: 07-06-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About William St. Clair
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 49
Occupation: Jewellery/Store Owner
Class: Middle
Origins: Whitby
Family Tree: Brother: (Deceased) 44
Son: William St. Clair II, 10
Son: James St. Clair, 7
daughter, 23-25
daughter, 19-21
Niece: Stephanie St. Clair, 14
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5ft 10 inches
Physical Description: William is broad built and is usually seen wearing a collared shirt. Wool in the winter and flannel in the summer. Sometimes cotton depending on the heat. He has been lucky over the years and hasn't had to suffer meal wise as his family have always been upper middle class.

William bears the scar right down the outside of his arm which was caused when he fell through the greenhouse glass resulting in his arm being cut open from just below his shoulder to the underside of his forearm.
History: William was born the eldest of two sons in his family density which made him heir to his family land and business.

William grew up the quiet type which saw him being bullied as he went to a private boarding school with his younger brother up at Gordonstoun at Aberdeen, while he did not graduate top of the class his efforts made sure he left at 16 not at the bottom of his class either.

He would return to whitby and join his familys jewelers which is where he wanted to work and would learn the skill from his father, his brother would also follow suit and join the company.

William would eventually marry his childhood sweetheart but this ended in an unhappy marriage despite having two kids which he thought might save his marriage. He would soon stray from the marrital bed and have an affair with Bess who he fell madly in love with while still married despite the age difference between them.

He would continue his affair with Bess but before he could finish with his wife she would die of a short illness which she did not have the strength to fight. This happened around the same time in which Bess lost her father and this brought the two of them closer as they were able to comfort each other & once the mourning period had passed both William and Bess married.

Bess and William would go on to have two children together aswell as also becoming gaurdians for Stephanie when both Williams brother and sister in law were killed in an accident, this resulted in Stephanie running away and a search commencing which required alot of travelling and drawings by Bess in order to find her. William was able to find her after hearing a rumour about her while on a business trip in London and was able to convince her to return home

William also holds a commission in the 7th (London Scottish) Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps due to spending time between whitby and London
Alias: Hutchie

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Birthday: 05-26-1989 (33 years old)
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