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Albert Adams
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Registered: 06-08-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Albert Adams
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 24
Occupation: Artisan Glazier
Class: Middle/Upper
Origins: Ravenscar
Relationships: Joseph Adams, father
Harriet Adams, deceased mother
Amelia Adams, older sister
Arthur Adams, older brother
Anthony Adams, younger brother
Wilma Adams, deceased wife
Annabelle Adams, oldest daughter
William Adams, son
Marianne Adams, youngest daughter
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: A tall and somewhat medium built man with short light brown hair in a careful trim. He always dresses casual but with the current styles in mind.
History: He was one of the younger children in the Adams household, a child without anything very noticeable who got along well with most except his older brother. The child was terrified and sensitive to be around him though he didn't like to talk about it. It for the most part stopped when his growing up caught up with Arthur.

They moved to Whitby and sometime after moving there or just before, he discovered the art of glazing. Stained to be specific. He worked for others until he managed to meet his wife Wilma. She was an average woman with three very small children, but she came from a very wealthy family. He also discovered her quickly that her health was ailing.

While tugging at his heart strings, he married the woman and gave her two beautiful years while getting his own glazing studio thanks to his generous in-laws. Now that she is gone, he spends his time trying to make a name for himself with his more artistic pieces, while paying the bills with the more average (but to be fair, he doesn't worry about it too much, his in-laws still give him money as he is caring for their grandchildren). He has several maids and a governess who keep his children healthy and feeling loved while he spends his free time out enjoying the easy life.
OOC Preferences: Just let me know if you want to do anything extreme, I'm usually pretty ok with most things.
Alias: GreatTallywhacker

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