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Additional Info About Chéri
Pronouns: All (depends on the presentation)
Age: 18
Occupation: Performer/sex worker
Class: Lower class
Origins: French basque lands, via Paris
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=613
Sexuality: Yes, daddy
Height: 5'4''
Physical Description: Despite being of average height for the time, Chéri looks small because of his very minute physique. Years of dance and casual manual labour have made his body very strong, but this is not immediately apparent. He can run and move very fast. His skin is fresh and peachy, his lips are naturally red and soft, his eyes are big and green and his facial features are so delicate he can absolutely pass as female when dressed as such. His hair is light brown and thick. There is generally an unruliness to him that pairs excellently with his incredibly energetic nature.
Cheeky, loud, and bubbly, his lack of manners is evident, but he tries to embrace it rather than let it be his downfall.
History: “The boy has no name.”
“You can call me Darling.”

Born in Ainhoa, French Basque Lands, on the 29th May 1877, under the name Etor Extenagusia. He's the eighth of ten children in a family of fishermen.
The world he was born in consists of hard work, cultural isolation and ancient poverty.
As a child in the village he never learnt French, went to school or visited a city, but very early on he discovered a unique talent for imitation: he could mimic with great precision anyone’s movement. Soon his natural attitude for controlled movement leads him to dance, an interest that consumes his earlier years and leads him away from home.
At the age of 8 his eldest brother, Julen, leaves the family and brings Etor with him, hoping to earn some money by turning Etor into a street performer. Destination: Paris.

While Julen doesn’t find his luck in the French Capital, still healing after the civil war of 1871, Etor’s gifts are quickly noticed: a dance master offers him dance lessons, in exchange for part of his future earnings, granting him a job that, while physically demanding, could land him a better career than any of Julen’s temporary gigs.

With the growing popularity of ballet, Etor’s theatre debut is a triumph and promises a rosy future, never mind that his former teacher and brother are spending money faster than he could ever earn it.
Etor’s talent is not the only gift Mother Nature has bestowed upon him: with a beautiful Barton voice, a bubbly personality, the face of an angel and delicate frame that hides the strength of an athlete, Etor is, for many, a very attractive young man. Or girl, depending on the taste.

Etor, who is only thirteen, is happy to talk to new interesting people, to sing and dance for them, to play with clothes he likes better than his regular ones, to accept presents and compliments. Etor remembers hunger, cold and homelessness, hence still sees the pain -any pain- that will earn in money as necessary, as bearable. He obliges, hence his new persona is born: Chéri, “darling” in French, becomes famous in the homosexual demi-monde of Paris.

At the age of sixteen, Chéri scores his first “exclusive”, an English gentleman who seems very keen on spending his family’s fortune on his every whim. And the first thing he does is getting rid of the two main outsources of income Chéri. Needles to say, the ballet teacher and Julen aren’t happy to say the least.
Chéri’s lover is desperately jealous and demands Cheri follows him whenever he has to leave Paris. After managing to refuse multiple times, Chéri finally caves and follows him to the north, where the man has to go for his family business. After a violent fight, Chéri flees, while his now ex lover swears he will have his revenge.
In July 1895, Chéri arrives very basic English, very little money and no real place to go back to.

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