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Additional Info About federicoluna
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 27
Occupation: Translator
Class: Gentry
Origins: Zaragoza, Spain
Family Tree: María de Luna -- grandmother -- deceased
Felipe de Luna -- grandfather -- deceased
Martin de Luna -- father -- 55
Violante de Luna -- mother -- deceased
Luisa de Luna -- stepmother -- 45
García -- younger half-brother -- 17
Lenore de Luna -- sister-in-law (García's wife) -- 18
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'4"
Physical Description: Despite being from a landed gentry family and having all the possible opportunities, as well as a permissive family, apparently all the noble traits that he could have inherited skipped straight over Federico. It isn't that he's especially weak -- either physically or mentally -- there's just something distinctly strange and wild-eyed about him that no amount of for want of a better word nobility training could do anything to counter.

He's short, although by no means tiny, and a little scrappy looking despite the fact that he's relatively strong. Even so he tends to dress to disguise his frame rather than for fashion. His hair went white very early, around when he left Spain for England, and is just long enough for him to pull back into a ponytail with a ribbon. Like his father and younger brother he has a bright, disarming smile but he has inherited his mother's slightly empty eyes.
History: Federico was born as not the elder son but the daughter of the Barón de Luna, a minor but no less affluent Spanish nobleman in the Zaragoza region and his first wife, Violante de Luna. His father was a kindly man who was no less a career military man, an exceptionally popular officer with his men for his style of leadership. Martin was eternally more comfortable in the company of his men than in the company of other nobles and his mother was a sickly woman who died before his fifth birthday.

Thus his beloved grandfather and grandmother took care of him for much of his early childhood. Both saw to it that he got a full education, or as full of an education as he could possibly get: he had a natural proclivity for many things but he always seemed to lack the ability to apply himself to any of them for long enough to be truly good at them. Thus he can paint and draw decently, knows how to tune several instruments and can play the piano well enough, and knows the foundations of composition but isn't particularly excellent at any of them.

The only exception to his inability to focus is his knowledge of languages, which he has apparently fixated on and which allowed him to leave Spain for Whitby. His grandmother noticed his uncanny ability to pick up Latin and now he's conversational in around seven languages and fluent in English, Portuguese, and French as well as Spanish. Considering how ditzy he usually comes across the fact that he can communicate in so many languages tends to surprise conversational partners.

Federico started to show signs of the sort of person that he would turn out to be -- that is to say, certainly not a girl -- when he was around five years old. He wanted his hair cut short as soon as he was out of his father's sight and then he started wanting to dress in boys' clothes rather than dresses. His grandmother, being a particularly astute woman, suggested that perhaps he try out being referred to with a boy's name rather than M—. The name Federico was her idea.

His grandfather, Felipe, was a man with a formidable reputation who no less loved his grandchildren, of whom he had ten by his four children by the time of his death. However, Federico's father wasn't his favourite of his children by a long shot and so he was either too polite or too cowed to mention the fact that the child that he was at least fairly certain that he had left behind as his daughter was now called Federico. And that wasn't exactly his top priority any more either because he had for some reason remarried while he was away.

Fortunately Federico and his new stepmother got on well and, equally fortunately, he was enthusiastic to have a new baby brother. For one thing, even though he was ten when García was born, he knew that it took the pressure off of him to marry some nobleman because his brother would now be the one to inherit his father's title. This, however, left him with many options open for what to do, or at least it would when he got a bit older.

By the time Federico turned eighteen it was obvious that he not only ought to go to University but that he ought to study languages. In spite of his easily distracted personality he studied at the University of Salamanca and got remarkably good marks. He decided after that that the obvious course of action would be to move to a different country to live there -- it wasn't as though he couldn't afford to, after all, being the son of a Barón. But he returned to his father's household for a while before he did so, for his brother's wedding to a woman on whom he has absolutely no opinion.
OOC Preferences: You may honestly do whatever pleases you with Federico, as long as you run it past me first.

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