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Ayyen Dumac
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Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Ayyen Dumac
Pronouns: His/He/Him
Age: 44
Occupation: Co-owner of fishing ships
Class: Common
Origins: Siberia
Relationships: PARENTS: Grigori (deceased) and Katiya
SIBLINGS: Brother – Egor (46) Sister – Daria (35) married with children
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=505
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: COLO(U)R: Blue
HAIR COLO(U)R: Sandy Brown
HEIGHT: 5'10”
BUILD: Muscular
AGE: 44
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: His sharp blue eyes observe everything.
TYPICAL DRESS STYLE: Dark tones, loose but not loose enough to get in the way
History: Grigori and Katiya were born in a valley in what was considered to be the Siberian frozen wasteland. This valley supported some farming, enough to support a small village. The people supplemented this food with hunting and fishing.
They were important in the village hierarchy and owned a small farm. When the crops came due for harvesting, it was all hands on deck to bring it in. The payment for the help was naturally a portion of the food gathered.
Ayyen was the second son in a family of three. He grew up watching his father train the first born, Egor, to take over the farm, and resented his brother for it. Ayyen, instead was taught to hunt, trap, and fish, in order to supplement the fruits of the land. He found solace in the forests.

Ayyen met Viktre on hunting trips. They became friends, often partnering up and ranging out on their own. During this time, Viktre taught Ayyen to carve as a means to pass the time. Later, when Grigori saw Ayyen’s skill in carving the animals of the forest, Grigori presented him with a carving knife, as a means of encouragement.
Grigori, when Egor was more accomplished at managing the farm, would go hunting with his son. That is, until the trip when they encountered a bear. Grigori defended Ayyen and ended up being mauled. He was crippled and died a lingering death.
Ayyen, after his father’s death, took up fishing full time, just to get and stay away for long periods of time. Only coming home to check up on family during holidays. He did not stay long.
Ayyen knew the power of being able to read and write. He learned of it when he observed Egor being taught to manage the books. Secretly, he too wanted to learn it. However, because of his resentment, he could not bring himself to ask his father. Later, he sought out teachers to painstakingly learn the art.
One of his visits back home, during his time with Viktre, his friend told him that there was not enough room for him. He wanted to go farther, to travel. He was even thinking of looking for a different area or a new kind of job. Ayyen knew of a spot opening on his ship, and suggested Viktre come and give it a go. Viktre joined him and found that fishing gave him freedom and a great income. Viktre got to liking it so much that he and Ayyen started saving on to buy a ship of their own.
Ayyen was second in command on the fishing vessel and moved upward when the opportunity to become a captain came along. His skill with reading and writing distinguished him from others in the eyes of the investor, (who owned the vessel.) The investor was getting on in years, and had known that Ayyen and Viktre were interested in owning a ship of their own. He gave them a good deal and the two men bought him out with Viktre putting the most money into it, as he was better at saving his wages than Ayyen was. Viktre learned more about the leadership needed to run the ship, as Ayyen’s second in command.
Viktre’s father heard about how well they were doing, and gave his son what would eventually be his inheritance to help Viktre get a good start with his new business. So, instead of buying one ship, the two men then bought two. Viktre owning one and part of the second. Ayyen planned to buy his friend out on the one he was captaining, and then the two of them would buy more ships as time went by.

He purchased the two fishing ships:

Sineye Nebo (Blue Sky)

Siniy Okean (Blue Ocean)

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