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Lorna Geileis
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Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Lorna Geileis
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 22
Occupation: Floater
Class: Lower
Origins: Dublin, Ireland
Family Tree: Ian Geileis (Father-Deceased)
Moira Geileis (Mother-Deceased)

Reagan O'Riley (31-Sister, Married)
Sam Geileis (28-Brother, Married)
Rose Geileis (24-Sister)
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...le&uid=253
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'6"
Physical Description: Lorna is someone who has cascading red curly hair and bright green eyes. She is 5'6" and a complete ball of energy. She is someone who is naturally pretty, she does not need any makeup to mask any flaws. She is lean in form, but she is fit.
History: Lorna is the fourth and youngest child to Ian and Moira Geileis. Her parents were Irish immigrants that moved to England hoping for a better life, however, they found work in lower-class positions. Due to social unrest and social tensions towards the Irish, doing anything to make their lives better was often blocked due to their social standing or their nationality.

Unfortunately, more horrible times would hit when both of her parents obtained typhoid due to contaminated food and water because of poor living conditions that they had to endure.

It was not long after this that the siblings would move to live their own lives and try to make their own way. Reagan and Sam would return to Ireland, while Lorna had other ideas. Moving to the states, she would soon find her way to Whidby.
OOC Preferences: Just ask.

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