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Llewellyn Longass
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Registered: 03-18-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Llewellyn Longass
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 29
Occupation: Co-Owner of The Duckless Rooster Pub
Class: Middle class
Origins: London
Family Tree: His mother and father have stayed in London
He is the cousin to the Longbottoms
Sexuality: homosexual
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: Llewellyn Longass is a very handsome, muscular man. Long dirty blonde hair, green blue eyes, a fine body, and a great smile. He wears good clothes to look like what he thinks a pub keeper should look like.
History: There once was a rooster who had a very special friendship with a duck. They were the best of friends. One day, someone killed the duck. The rooster tried to befriend another duck, but no ducks cared for him as much as he cared for them. And he became known as the duckless rooster.

Llewellyn Longass remembered this story from his father. His mother, who somehow knew Llew liked boys better than girls, told him that the rooster and the duck were both male.

He grew up in London going to school to become a good man like his father. He was only interested in being a store owner. Well, a pub owner. Food and drink. He would never be hungry again, he thought. Nor would anyone who came into his pub. He went to Whitby believing he was only going on vacation to see his parents' hometown and meet his grandfather. Instead, his grandfather invited him to a failing pub named the Blind Sergeant. He figured once Llew knew that the owner wanted to sell his pub, Llew would want it. And he did.

On April 5, when he officially owned the pub, he quickly changed its name to the Duckless Rooster. The food and the drink there were very good, if not the best in Whitby. Everyone laughs at the strange name of the pub, a fact Llew likes because he thinks it's a selling point. His grandfather gave him money so he could buy the pub and he is trying to make him proud.

Exactly one year later, a lad came into the pub and asked Is this the Douglas Brewster? Llew told the lad he didn't know anyone by that name. The lad corrected him saying that he believed Douglas Brewster was the name of the pub he was looking for. Llew pointed his thumb at the sign of the pub behind him. Do you mean The Duckless Rooster? The lad stared blankly at the sign for a long time, as Llew laughed, trying to reconcile Douglas Brewster with the Duckless Rooster. Then someone called out "Jamie, lad, we're sitting over here." And the lad left.

From that day forth, April 5 has been Douglas Brewster day at the pub. If your name is Douglas, you get free drinks. If your name is Douglas Brewster, you get free drinks and a free dinner. If you say your name is Douglas Rooster, Llew will throw your sorry ass outta the pub because it's bollocks!

The Duckless Rooster serves the best of British and Irish beers and ales and the best food. Well at least so says its proprietors. Their customers would agree. And it seems to be succeeding where the old pub didn't.

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