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[ABANDONED] Angus McLeod
Alcoholic and Gambler

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Registered: 03-10-2021

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Additional Info About [ABANDONED] Angus McLeod
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 27
Occupation: Gambler
Class: Upper class
Origins: London
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6'0"
Physical Description: Angus is six feet, attractive, has dark brown curly hair. He's fairly fit even if he drinks and eats a lot. He wears very nice clothes, believing he has a certain look to keep. So he dresses up in public in fine clothes and tries to make himself look good. If he's not too drunk, then he doesn't really care much.
History: Have you heard of Angus McLeod? Have you heard of McLeod's in London? yes, he's one of those McLeod's though the family won't admit it. Angus is a bum. He prefers to party and drink and if a woman or a man somehow attracts his attention and he likes them, he might invite them back to his hotel. Yes, there are some women who say they got married to him. Angus was drunk at the time and doesnt' remember it. He's always drunk. If he's not drunk, he say, he's sleeping. Or dead.

He comes to Whitby because there's a fairly decent poker game he likes playing in. Currently, he says he's in Whitby because a certain man owes him some money from an old gambling debt he hasnt' collected on. Unfortunately, that man is that dead Magnus Carrington guy. Which means 1. he'll probably never collect his winnings and 2. he's probably high up on the suspect list. he could technically be in town when the bastard bought it and then cleared out to give himself the story of ignorance. I guess it depends on the evidence and if the prosecutors are imaginative to think that he did it.

he may have two or three wives in Whitby, including some lady he vaguely remembers named Ruth. He only remembers her because he comes to Whitby often and somehow she always seems to find him. And he is interested in how his only son is doing. Somehow he must learn his name.

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