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Caelan Bryl

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Registered: 02-28-2021

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Additional Info About Caelan Bryl
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 15
Occupation: thief/pickpocket
Class: working class
Origins: Whitby
Family Tree: Mother - died when he was eight.
Father - A man who picked her up for a night
Sexuality: homosexual
Height: 5'9"
Physical Description: Caelan is homeless, so he's not very clean. He doesn't really have a change of clothes unless he might find some clothes he thinks might fit him that he likes.

He's tall for Victorian standards, he has dark brown hair, he's attractive, he's fit.
History: Sixteen years ago, Caelan's parents met one night, had a nice night and a better time in bed. Caelan's father left and was never seen again. Caelan's mother found out she was pregnant. She did what she was abe to do to take care of both of them. Being a curious kid, Caelan often asked about his father, but his mother never answered any of his questions. She might've been embarrassed that she didn't know anything about Caelan's father. She died when Caelan was eight years old and he was put into the workhouse.

He hated it there and resolved to escape it as soon as he was able to. Unfortunately, he didn't escape the workhouse until he was twelve years old. If he sees anyone he recognizes from the workhouse, he runs away from them. He doesn't know if old friends might try to have him sent back.

Caelan has found an empty building that he lives in. He tries to find food outside restaurants to eat. Usually he pickpockets well dressed men, thinking they would have money. He isn't the kind of boy who would mug anybody. If he does get into a fight, it would usually be in self defense.

And he tries to drink and eat in pubs so he can find drunk men he can pickpocket and to have a good time.

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