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Dorothea Goodman
Every Rose Has It's Thorns

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Registered: 02-06-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Dorothea Goodman
Age: 28
Occupation: Florist
Class: Upper Middle
Origins: Whitby, England
Family Tree: Father: Hugo Goodman
Mother: Marla nee Wolter
Spouse: None - Open for Courtship
Children: None
Siblings: See Plotter
Plotter: Friday's Fictions
Sexuality: Whatever suits her needs at the time
Height: 5'8"
History: Name: Dorothea Goodman
Other Names: Dot, Dottie but only to those she truly likes
Age: 28
Occupation: Florist by day, Poisoner by night at the Iris & Oak

Father: Hugo Goodman - NPC
Mother: Marla nee Wolter - NPC
Spouse: None - Open for Courtship
Children: None
Bruce Goodman- 34 Male/Military [Open]
Portia Goodman - 32 Female [Open]
Lincoln Goodman - 31 Male [Open]

Height: 5'8"
Hair Colour: Brunette with hues of chocolate and honey
Eye Colour: Green
Playby: Olivia Wilde

Likes and Dislikes:
+ Puzzles
+ Flowers and Herbs

- Stagnation
- Poultry

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Dottie ihas a visual eidetic memory. She simply has to read something once and can recall it with ease. The only other person who knows of this is her brother, Lincoln.

She struggles to allow herself to get emotionally close to other people. Dorothea can fake having strong feelings toward someone or something, but truly feels very little.

General Personality:
Dorothea keeps her cards close. While she has no qualm to assassinate someone, she has no will to do it needlessly. She doesn't feel compelled to commit murder through her own whims. It usually requires payment or a purpose, a function.

Lately, she has grown weary of simply serving the shadows and has been thinking about trying to make more of a name for herself and send her family high up the social ladder.

Iris & Oak Shoppe
Specialises in all your floral and herbal needs. If you ask the right questions, you may get access to the more nefarious services offered.


The Goodman family has been in Whitby for a several generations. Dorothea's great-great grandfather opened the Iris and Oak shop and the family has maintained it since. The Goodman family has serviced darker needs of the city for generations, working to maintain the balance behind the scenes.

Dorothea is the youngest of four children, born to Hugo and Marla. While normally the oldest would be groomed to take control of the family business, they felt that two youngest would be best suited. The older two do not know of the Goodman's place in the Secret Society nor the nefarious dealings of family business. They groomed the two children to be able to take their place and maintain the greenhouse farm and the shop.

Living in the apartments above the Iris and Oak enables Dot to physically be at the shop every day and serving patrons with a personal touch. Lincoln lives with their parents and maintains the farm, ensuring the shop is stocked adequately.

Lately, their parents have been pushing them toward courtship and marriage. They fear their children have dedicated themselves too much to the business and aren't going to produce offspring to carry it into the future.

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