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Lorn Vaughn

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Registered: 09-20-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Lorn Vaughn
Pronouns: Him/He
Age: 26
Occupation: Horse Breeder/Property owner
Class: Gentleman
Origins: Texas, USA
Relationships: Father: Tanner Vaughn|| 54 || Rancher/Farmer
Mother: Beth Vaughn || 53 || homemaker and helps out on the farm
Siblings: Adelheid (AKA - Heidi) || deceased
Wife: Cressida Vaughn || 24 || deceased
Daughter: Heidi Vaughn || 3 || daughter
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=372
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 6'8"
Physical Description: Lorn’s height makes him hard to ignore or miss. He has hair that would seem to be for a much older man, but due to a tragedy early in his life, his hair is totally white. He doesn’t slouch, but he is normally very relaxed in his manner. He has an easy smile. He is quite muscular. Blue eyes.
History: Lorn and his older sister were born in Denmark to Tanner and Beth Vaughn. They were an old and respected family that had originally come from Denmark, but the family died out over time and Tanner was the last of the family line until he had his son. Lorn is the last of that line as far as the Vaughn’s know.

Tanner and Beth Vaughn had moved to Texas after basically being burned out of their home by some vandals. In the fire, Lorn had been rescued from the second floor by Adelheid, his older sister, pushing him out before the roof crashed down in a flaming inferno. He had looked back in time to witness her falling under the blaze and had heard her pain-filled screams as she had not died instantly. Lorn had been five at the time.

His own severe burns and broken bones from the fall had healed thanks to skilled doctors, however, his mind had not. The first signs of the mental trauma he experienced showed in his blond hair turning white along with his eyebrows. Then it was realized that the little boy had no memory of his sister, other than a vague knowledge that he did have one, nor did Lorn remember anything about the fire. His parents were told to let him come to remembrance on his own and not push it as it could make it worse. Though due to the painful experience and their loss, they decided to sell everything and move to the United States.

They used the money from selling their former home to start a horse ranch in Texas. Lorn went off to school after a very angry and painful argument with his parents. Once there he met and fell in love with a girl. She helped him face the memories that came down all at once about the fire and encouraged him to make amends with his parents. However, she didn’t stay around, he found out why later. He was heartsick. Yet another girl came along and helped heal those new wounds, Cressida.

Now, he has graduated with great struggle, but with a degree that allows him to run the family ranch with more efficiency and profit which his father said was his to use as he wishes. He asked Cressida to marry him and after about two years of planning, a major split, his finding out about his daughter by a young woman that died soon after the baby was born, and finally a reunion with Cressida the two of them were married. Cressida then formally adopted Lorn’s small daughter, Heidi (named in honor of his late sister), and became her mommy legally as well as emotionally.

Deciding that they should start anew, the young family moved to London. Cressida was killed in while horse riding after they had been married for only one year. Lorn couldn’t deal with staying there. It was too hard even though it had only been a short time. He sold everything and bought a large property in Whitby to start breeding horses. He had the money to do whatever he wanted to, but had decided to work on breeding showing horses and even a try at racing horses.

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