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Charles Burnett

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Registered: 07-24-2020

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Additional Info About Charles Burnett
Age: 57
Occupation: Master of the Work House
Class: Middle class
Origins: Middlesbrough
History: Charles grew up near Middlesbrough in a lower middle class family. He had three siblings, but one died of measles in childhood. Charles was a bright boy, but restless. At thirteen, he was apprenticed to a shoemaker, and though both the shoemaker and his parents saw the potential in him to set up a well-earning business one day, Charles just could not bear the thought of doing the same boring job for the rest of his life. He joined the navy at sixteen, against his parents wishes, and never looked back until many years later when his father fell ill.

Admittedly, he was in for a rough awakening. He had joined for the adventure and for a sense of freedom. What he got was routine, strict discipline, and having to obey orders without question. It was the comradery with other soldiers and the curiosity about what lay behind the horizon that pulled him through. In the end, Charles got used to the Navy way or life and started to appreciate the sense of order (and the occasional disorder when he and his friends got to port towns and managed to escape their commander’s sight for a few hours).

Charles sailed the world, had quite a few of the adventures he had been looking for, and felt like a fish in the water. His intelligence and growing skill did not escape his commander’s attention. Over the years, Charles slowly climbed the career ladder, until he himself was in command of several ships. He was a strict commander, who was dissatisfied with anything short of excellence, but he cared about the wellbeing of his men, and would have arguments higher up when he felt they didn’t get what they deserved.

One day, during a fight in one of the colonies, Charles made an error of judgement that cost several of his men their lives. Though the Navy was willing to overlook it, Charles was not. He continued for several month, but had lost his confidence and was guilt-ridden. He resigned. The Navy offered him a pension.

Charles moved back to Middlesbrough, married a widow there, and thought he would settle down at last. But having nothing to do and living of his pension did not agree with him. Charles grew restless again and was plagued by nightmares. He realized he needed to feel useful again. When the position for master and matron of the workhouse in Whitby opened, therefore, he and his wife applied and were appointed. Charles has now been running the workhouse for several months and is determined to have it run as efficiently and orderly as a navy ship.

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