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Gus Anderson

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Registered: 06-09-2020

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Additional Info About Gus Anderson
Pronouns: he him
Age: 72
Occupation: Mortician
Class: Middle
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Mother: Angela Anderson (deceased)
Father: Martin Anderson (deceased)
Brother: Howard Anderson (deceased)
Sexuality: nonexistant
Height: 5'2"
Physical Description: A diminutive man, he had brown hair and dark eyes. He isn't what one expects in his profession as he always oozes cheerfulness and kindness. He is rather sprightly still for his old age.
History: He has lived in Whitby his entire life. His father was a carpenter, and his mother worked part time as a tailor. He had become ill so was not allowed to be a soldier during the Crimean War, his younger brother went alone and did not return. While he and his family were mourned his passing, not being able to say goodbye had been the hardest part. It changed his life and he turned to the funeral profession and has actually been happily doing it ever sense. He doesn't see death as an end but as a chance for people to rest and their living family to let them go, to find a new chapter in whatever the afterlife offers.
OOC Preferences: I'm pretty fine with anything, if you have a question you can ask.

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