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Clover Mulvahil

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Registered: 05-23-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Clover Mulvahil
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 7
Occupation: Kiddo
Class: Lower
Origins: Scarborough
Relationships: Mother: Patsy Mulvahil (deceased)
Father: Frederic Mulvahil
Siblings: None
Grandparents: Unknown
Sexuality: Unknown
Height: 4'
Physical Description: Faceclaim: Gavin Warren
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Grey-blue
Hair: Reddish-blonde
Height: 4’
Body type: Lean
History: Clover never knew his mother, Patsy, all he knows is that his father loved her very much and that she is waiting in heaven with love for them when they die. He grew up in Whitby, raised by his single father, and is somewhat of a hopeless romantic (as much as one can be at seven years old). He doesn’t understand much why his father hasn’t fallen in love again and often offers Frederic up as a potential suitor to whatever ladies he sees that look about his father’s age, to the chagrin and somewhat embarrassment of Fred. Clover is a playful, mischievous lad who is often found daydreaming and playing with little wind-up toys his father makes for him.
OOC Preferences: Anything fit for a child is alright, so nothing sexual/romantic.

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