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Diego Galván
yee haw pardner

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Registered: 05-04-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Diego Galván
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 41
Occupation: Tourist(?)
Class: Lower class
Origins: American Southwest
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'9"
History: Juan Pablo Enrique López de la Cal Delgado was born to a young happy couple living in Texas. His father was a vaquero working for one of the many cattle barons in the area, while his mother often worked as a washer-woman and cook to help supply their meager income.

It was not a childhood that one would expect to produce an infamous murderer, cattle rustler, and conman.

Enrique grew up with a bad habit of telling lies. Not out of necessity, but simply because it seemed preferable to the truth. Small lies became greater lies, and it seemed inevitable enough that when the cattle drive he was on turned into one big cattle rustling scheme, he simply went along with it rather than try to choose the worst possible moment to grow much of a conscience.

The next period of twenty or so years would see him commit a gamut of acts, some he eventually felt a bit guilty over, but all about getting money as quickly as possible – whether it hurt others or not. It would also see a short-lived marriage (though technically they never divorced), many affairs, surprisingly few nights in jail, and an unsurprisingly great number of nights spent sneaking out of town.

But the Wild West of decades past was dying, and the world was becoming much smaller. Simply moving to another town wasn't enough to protect his anonymity, and the unerring long arm of the law kept catching up. In the end he fled eastward, and then eastward some more. Juan Pablo Enrique López de la Cal Delgado died and was 'buried' mid-Atlantic, and José Diego Castellano Galván stepped off the dock at Liverpool. He then headed away from the cities until he hit the eastern coast of the island, and followed it north until he found Whitby. Small enough to not worry about international rumors (let alone over little old him), big enough for decent work, and plenty of lies to excuse his surprisingly large savings.

Whitby is cold, damp, and pretty damn depressing compared to the dry deserts he was born, raised, and raised Hell in, but it's boring. In this case, 'boring' also means 'safe'. The Plan may have changed, but there's still a Plan. Right now the Plan is "lay low until the heat dies off over-seas, and then head home." One way or another, he's going to see the Plan through.
OOC Preferences: No limits - but if it's spicy, let's discuss it first.

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Birthday: 06-26-1994 (25 years old)
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