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Saoirse O'Connell

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Registered: 12-26-2019

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Additional Info About Saoirse O'Connell
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 23 (Jan 12 1872)
Occupation: wannabe enjolras
Class: Lower class
Origins: London
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5'11"
Physical Description: With her height and the serious look on her face, Saoirse can seem quite intimidating at first glance to some. She has long, blonde hair that is rarely if ever actually groomed and styled acceptably, and blue eyes that resemble sculpted ice more than the sea or winter sky or whatever poetic bullshit. Though she is quite thin, her arms and legs are well-toned, making her almost deceptively strong to the less aware.

By way of dress, Saoirse is almost exceedingly practical and minimalistic. As the woman hates frivolous dresses and spending her money on luxuries, the way she dresses makes that part of her extremely obvious, and she often wears her dresses and shoes until they are completely unwearable from being so tattered and broken that she has to buy new ones. Despite that, she still greatly prefers mending her clothes herself, resulting in very patched together clothes that make her seem of lower status than she actually is.
OOC Preferences: go crazy go stupid

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