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Kian Kane
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Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Kian Kane
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 36
Occupation: pirate captain
Class: criminal
Sexuality: straight
Height: 6'1
Physical Description:
Kian towers over most men at an impressive height of 6'1, with broad shoulders and long brown hair often worn with small braids and adorned with beads and sometimes shells within his hair. He is athletic and muscular gaining his strength from hard work and a life spent at sea. His face is long and heart shaped with high cheekbones and impressive ocean blue eyes. Those are some of his most striking features and have won over a few hearts in their time. His skin is tan and weathered his voice is a deep rasp which he takes advantages of the beautiful wenches in the ports that he visits.

His choice of clothing consist of a leather coat, pants, and boots, made from the hides of cattle. At his side he wears a cutlass and an assortment of daggers along with a set of flintlock pistols. Upon his fingers are several golden rings and he sports a silver earring in his left ear.
History: Little is known about Kian's beginnings because he doesn't talk about them. The details are a bit sketchy but what folks have gathered over the years. His mother was a whore who couldn't provide very much for him and stealing was sometimes the only way to make sure that they had something to eat. Entering into his late teens at the mere age of sixteen he was spotted by a captain that saw potential in him so he gave him a place among his crew. He'd always had an adventurous longing to sail out in the wild blue yonder but he'd not had an opportunity until the captain. He worked hard and learned all that he could and worked himself up in rank to quartermaster. The men naturally followed him as he was a leader that they could depend on. He'd already saved many lives by the age of 21 while killing many enemies at sea. It wasn't an easy life but he excelled in navigation and becoming one of the most feared and deadly pirates on their crew.

It as age the age of 21 that they managed to capture a ship. Then the only question was who would captain it and get enough men to form a crew. He was voted in as captain and several of the good men joined fullfilling many positions that were needed. His reputation of being ruthless but fair and no shit attitude attracted attention from other pirate captains and crews. Often all that it took was for them to hear his name and they usually backed down. Those that surrendered were taken as prisoners and some offered postions among his crew. Throughout the years he has raideed so many ships that he's lost count of. He's hauled in treasures of jewels, tobacco, bolts of silk, and gold!
OOC Preferences: I write in 3rd person and multiple paragraphs. I love dark and gritty tales involving but not limited to piracy, blood, sex and gore.

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