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Enter the Verse for the London Season
[Image: 0989e8efdce88b75898b25f5dc51e77c98eb0741.gif]

Over the Garden Wall and into the Proseverse for the London Season, a world where Regency Romance collides with Victorian Intrigue, Gothic Horror, and Fae Magic. Watch as beloved Period Drama characters rediscover their stories alongside original muses, the forces of Gothic nature, and unfolding tombs of lore.

  • ? 3-3-3, Jcink Premium, 18+
  • ? Accessible; Flexible Activity Paces, Multiple Application Options, Canon & Original Characters, Fluid In-Game Time, Open Lore? Inclusive; LGBTQ+ Inclusive, POC Inclusive, Title & Wealth Options for Female Characters

[Image: 4e8c59aa3c4d024c72035f711820b22e8cd14462.png]

The Vanderbilt Railroad Tycoons have come from America and taken London by storm! They are seeking their four missing Zodiac influenced children-
  • ♊ Third Born Son, Alfred Reginald, Gemini, 27 years
  • ♋ Fourth Born Daughter, Ethelinda Eliza, Cancer, 26 years♌ Fifth Born Son, George Michael, Leo, 25 years♎ Seventh Born Son, Frederick Frances, Libra, 23 years

The two branches of the Sloane family, Kroftmires and Quartermaines, are seeking their remaining brethren, purveyors of knowledge, and warring family members. The Kroftmires (philanthropists, scholars, art appreciators) feel it is their duty to keep the Quartermaines (adventurers, thrill seekers, historians) in line-
  • ? Kroftmire Third Born Son/Twin, Trustee of the British Museum, Fellow of the Invisible College, Mid-Late 20s, engaged to Lady Sasithorn Quartermaine in a love/hate arranged engagement with lighthearted attempted murder.
  • ? Kroftmire Fourth Born Daughter, Honorary Fellow of The Invisible College, Early 20s? Roland Quartermaine, Late 50s, Earl of Abingdon, Earl of Lindsey, The Viscount Falmouth, Trustee of The British Museum, Soon-to-be Ousted President of The Invisible College by coup in favor of his nephew.? Quartermaine Third Born Son, Trustee of the British Museum, Fellow of The Invisible College, Late 20s

Romance blooms in the London Season as bachelors seek out bachelorettes-
  • ? AU Charles Bingley wanted for AU Jane Bennet
  • ? AU Fitzwilliam Darcy wanted for AU Elizabeth Bennet? Leiutenant Edwin Drury wanted for AU Susan Pevensie? Lord Kroftmire wanted for Lady Quartermaine in a love/hate arranged engagement with lighthearted attempted murder.? Hopeful bachelors and bachelorettes wanted for the Bettington sisters' prospect pool for matchmaking and arranged marriages.

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