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Show and Racing Horses... breeding or buying?
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Pronouns: Him/He
Age: 26
Occupation: Horse Breeder/Property owner
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=372
Height: 6'8"
Registered: Sep 2020

Lorn Vaughn
25 :: Texas, USA and London, England :: Horse Breeding and Racing

Current Location: just outside of Whitby, England on a large property with a large stable with lots of horses

Visual to Style of Lorn's Main House

Floorplans to Lorn's Main House

Buildings found back behind the main house.

Visual of outside the large stable and the visual of inside the stable

Map of Lorn's property - not to scale

Nanny - Anna (35) Lives in the main house in the nursery

Smaller Cottages

#1 - empty
#2 - empty
#3 - Cook - Miss Cora (55) and Kitchen assistants - Miss Bella (18) (share the rent)
#4 - Butler - Mr. Tinkerman (AKA Mr. Tink.. thanks to Heidi) (45)

Larger Cottages
#1 - Laundress - Mrs. Karen Calloway (26) and her twins Niamh and Harold (6 months old)
#2 - Empty
#3 - Housekeeper - Mrs. Pearson (44) and her family - Mr. Pearson (Head Groom) (46) and four boys (also grooms) - Tom (20), Bruce (19), Richard (18), and Matthew (16)
#4 - Maids - Miss Molly (18), Miss Pheobe (25), and Miss Tabitha (20) (the three share the rent)

What to expect when meeting him:

Lorn is easy going and hard working. He laughs with a deep rumble of sound. He is mostly quiet, happy to listen more than to talk. He will stand up for what he believes in no matter who stands against him. His family is his first priority, and that, of course, includes his horse, Duke.

  • unknown

Potential Threads
  • buying more quality horses
  • selling horses
  • racing horses
  • Romance is always interesting.

Existing Relationships
  • Name Here: Relationship description here.

  • Current Plots

  • none yet

    Credit for the basic template goes to Dun of RPG-D. Please note that this template may be altered in any way from its original form to better suit individual plot-requesting needs. If redistributing in an altered format, please include credit for the original template.[/code]

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