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Old Money, New Flavours

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Pronouns: The Right Honourable Lord
Age: 48
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Lady McPadraic was a fainter alright. Was it a weak constitution? Was it the fact that she laced just a little too tight? Was it prolonged boredom, so that the tiniest excitement was now too much? Or was it spite? Perhaps all of it.

The only good thing about her fainting so often was that her husband was not too disturbed by it anymore. "You shouldn't have used such a word in the presence of a lady." Arthur said, forgetting for a moment that he was talking to a lady. "Never mind, now, thank you." He took the smelling salt, but when she didn't wake up, he admitted: "Yes, we probably should." He rang the bell again, and ordered a footman to get the doctor and bring a stretcher.

A few moments later two servants came in with a stretcher. "Please take Lady McPadraic to the fainting room." Yes, she had a room devoted to recovering from her fainting spells. When the servants took her away, Arthur turned to Vela. "I am sorry, Miss Rosewine. My wife was brought up a fine young lady. She's too delicate for such... worldly topics..."
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Pronouns: her/she
Age: 22
Occupation: Private Chef
Height: 5'5"
Registered: Sep 2020

Vela gave him a look of surprise.  He had been the one asking her to explain what the mountain oyster was.  It was what it was.  Perhaps he had not known what it was, that was possible, she figured, but she had no idea.

Granted, she had not had a client faint over the mention of a cut of meat.  That was new.  She watched as the servants took the lady out of the room.  Then gracefully moved over to gather her gloves and notebook again to sit down and continued with the meeting.  Though her thought at the moment was this would be a good moment to have that drink he had offered earlier.

She had been brought up as a lady as well, but she had a stronger spine than the woman before her, apparently had.  She was not going to correct a possible client.  Unless she was totally insulted or mistreated, she maintained a polite and professional manner at such meetings.

"Then perhaps a different hors d'oeuvre.  For if the mere mention of the cut of meat, the vision of it arriving on the first dish would not be a great start for the evening."  She tapped the paper again with the pen thinking of another option.  From the reaction of the wife, the skewered design even my trigger the poor lady.  "How about Heirloom Bruschetta? It  is made up of toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, rubbed with garlic, and topped with seasonal ingredients."

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Pronouns: The Right Honourable Lord
Age: 48
Occupation: Baron, Politician, Philantropist
Registered: Dec 2019

Arthur was surprised at how quickly Miss Rosewine resumed business, but he too sat down. "Yes, yes," he said with a wave of the hand. "How about you write down several options for each course, with a list of ingredients, and then when Lady McPadraic is recovered, she can make a selection," he suggested.

A footman entered with the brandy and madeira and Arthur took a good look at him, so that he would be able to recognize him later, reminding himself to tell the steward to fire this one. "Did you go to Madeira yourself to fetch the lady's drink?" he voiced his displeasure.

The footman, a boy of about seventeen, turned red and muttered: "I apologize, my Lord, I..."

But Arthur held up his hand. He did not care to hear the reason, or talk to the servant at all, especially not when he was in the middle of a more important conversation. "Run along now," he said, and he didn't have to tell the boy twice.

He picked up his drink and turned back to Miss Rosewine. "I hope you will overlook the disorder of my house today, Miss Rosewine," he said. "Good servants are hard to find these days. Now, you will drink with me, and then I will show you the kitchen."
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Pronouns: her/she
Age: 22
Occupation: Private Chef
Height: 5'5"
Registered: Sep 2020

Vela nodded.  She pulled another sheet of paper and quickly made a list of various suggestions for each course.  She added a few for the first she had already suggested though she felt her earlier suggestions were unique enough to be worth the event.  Having seen the way the woman had reacted to the suggestions though, Vela figured a few choices would be requested.

She did not put the recipe, of course, that was her own knowledge and not something a chef would give little tricks for others to use.  However, the basic ingredients to give the client a way to know what each dish composed of.  The list would not really give the visual description of each dish either, as that would be something the client would normally discuss.  Since this would be done on paper, she just gave the basics.

After a few moments of writing, the servant came out with the drink.  Vela took a sip with an expression of enjoyment.  She had needed that. 

"Thank you.  Very lovely."  She commented after a moment of enjoyment.  "Unexpected events happen in almost any household.  One of the things I have worked to keep myself ready to deal with surprise or unexpected situations.  The meal should go on even when things don't go on as you expect them.  Adaptation in such situations can cause the most interesting new recipes and new dishes."  She smiled.

She went back to making the list for his wife to look over and sipping from time to time.  Finishing it, she took one more sip as she looked over it to be sure she had included each course and a basic description of the options that she suggested. 

She handed it over to the Baron.  "I think there will be several options that I would suggest.  The first in each section is the one I would find most suitable, but the others are delightful as well.  I would need to know which of each choice at least two days before the event, so as to allow me to have time to get the groceries and do the items that need more prepping than others."  She explained.

"I am looking forward to getting familiar with your kitchen."  She smiled.

---the paper----
hors d'oeuvre -
*angels on horseback - frying the skewered mountain oysters and bacon in butter served on toast, it can be eaten straight from the skewer – displayed on individual plates for each guest
*Goat cheese crostini with fig-olive tapenade
*Zucchini fritters[/size]
*Shallot and pancetta tortilla crisps

amuse-bouche -
*Blini with trout roe caviar and crème fraiche --The blini can be decorated without the caviar.  Bite-size blini are topped with chives, a dollop of rich creme fraiche, diminutive quail eggs to give the visual of a flower on each
*Sweet potato chips with goat cheese and caviar
*Caprese bites with basil vinaigrette
*Pea soup served in a shot glass or espresso cup

soup -
*Coconut Curry Lentil Soup
*Cold melon and basil soup
*Pumpkin sage bisque
*Tuscan white bean and roasted garlic soup

appetizer -
*Savory Cheese-Filled Croquembouche - constructed with cheesy gougères and an herbed cheese filling, and the caramel is spiked black pepper
*Charred broccoli with shishito peppers and pickled onions]
*Mushrooms stuffed with Pecorino Romano, garlic, and bread crumbs
*Candied carrots with honey, cumin, and paprika

salad -
*Chopped Thai salad with peanut dressing
*Garden salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and tart vinaigrette
*Greek salad with olives, lettuce, red onions, and feta cheese

first main course -
*Duck & Black Rice in Banana Leaf Parcels
*Spicy Thai basil chicken
*Roasted duck with an orange-ginger glaze
*Deep-fried turkey with a honey bourbon glaze

palate cleanser –
*Mint Sorbet
*Water with lemon

second main course -
*Grilled Ostrich Smothered in Garlic Herb Butter
*Stuffed lamb breast with lemon, ricotta, and oregano
*Grilled flatiron steak with rosemary potatoes
*Herb-crusted venison medallions

dessert -
*Petits Pots à l'Absinthe - Absinthe adds a subtle anise flavor to these puddings, which are delicious with berries.
*Rich flourless chocolate cake with a glass of sweet port wine
*Lemon creme brulee with dry white wine
*Fruit tarts and berries with champagne

Mignardise -
*pates de fruits
*Miniature butter madeleine biscuits
*Small pieces of chocolate
*Bite-sized macarons

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