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[Open] Whitby Newspaper Ads

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Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 26
Occupation: Junior Barrister
Plotter: [Here]
Height: 5'6"
Registered: Jul 2019

Posted in the lonely hearts-equivalents through whichever newspaper(s) is scandalous enough to host such a section.

Quote:Lawyer seeks practical wife. Ideal wife enjoys poetry, charity events, and maintaining a healthy dash of mystery about herself and those who surround her. She can expect her children to be small in number, well-educated, and well-fed. Exact family size negotiable. Interested parties are encouraged to send forth their information to post box #54. Please include education level, languages spoken, interests, how neat the candidate is, how often the candidate burns food, and a public time and place in which we might accidentally make each others’ acquaintance.

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Pronouns: He, him
Age: 27
Occupation: Butcher
Height: 6'0
Registered: Jul 2019

Also posted in the lonely hearts equivalent.

Quote:Butcher seeks wife. She should be a quiet, unassuming girl with a pretty enough face, no education beyond primary school needed but appreciated. She must be willing to bear children who shall inherit the butchery someday. Family size? The more the merrier. He is catholic but not devout. Answer to Box #14 with a description of you and your likes. We will arrange for a place to meet, bring a chaperone if you must.

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