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[Open] [CW] Kill Me

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Welcome to By Wit & Whitby’s death boutique! Here you will find resources for identifying and contributing characters whose time upon this mortal coil may be limited.

Do you have too many characters? Or maybe you have just the right number, but you’d like them a little better … well, dead. It happens. Fear not! There are solutions for that.

Killing off a character does not necessarily mean they need be removed for play – they can still appear in scenes prior to their deaths. Or carbon monoxide-inspired hallucinations.

Do you want to write about murdering someone? Or bearing witness to a character die in a tragic (or mundane, or spontaneous but expected) accident? Death abound! Try contacting these users about about the listed characters.

Use the following code to list potential victims:

Maybe you’re feeling bloodthirsty. Be it through NPCs a la your OOC account or actual rolled characters, the possibilities to inflict disaster are plenty.

Use the following code if you would like to be approached for improper disposal of characters.
The Misfortune:

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