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You'll cringe - Alice Appleton - 02-10-2020

[Content warning: Reference to child marriage]

A man and a girl were strolling toward the beach slowly, both looking incredibly uncomfortable. Was it a good thing to get to know each other better before a decision was made? Alice wasn't sure it was. If she were to marry this man whom she barely knew, and who was intimidatingly old, it would be out of despair, not love. To be forced to endure this awkward encounter where it became painfully clear that they didn't even know what to talk about to one another was only additional torture.

Tobias seemed as little at ease as Alice, and for some reason, the girl found that comforting at least. He had asked a few polite questions about the town, and she had answered him quietly, eyes down and not looking at him. She was blushing deep and praying all the while that nobody she knew saw them. It was unavoidable as they passed the quays and staiths were fishermen were working, and approached the beach, where doubtlessly she would encounter other fishing girls. They entered the beach beside the west pier. "This is where we collect driftwood sometimes. Although mostly we work under the east cliff where we find flithers in t' shale..." Alice said quietly.

RE: You'll cringe - Benny Green - 02-10-2020

As Benny was taking a walk by the sea, hoping for some signs of the ship. He knew it was impossible it'd be so soon but it was an excuse to be out anyway.

He saw two up ahead and would have ignored them except he recognized the girl. "Well well, what have we got here? You're out of your house. Does your dad know you're walking with boys?" He put his hands on his hips.

RE: You'll cringe - Alice Appleton - 02-11-2020

Alice looked up and panicked when she saw Benny. She blushed even deeper than she had already been doing. "Go away." She muttered.

Tobias looked from Alice to Benny, alert, but without a word.

RE: You'll cringe - Benny Green - 02-11-2020

Benny frowned and folded his arms as he walked up to her and spoke lower. "Really? You should be nicer to me, I even stayed that time to help you clean up." He didn't think of how it could to others. "Then again after what you said. I guess it really could be any man." He looked from her to the other guy. "He looks almost old enough to be your dad."

RE: You'll cringe - Alice Appleton - 02-11-2020

Alice felt miserable. What if Tobias thought she was seeing boys all the time? The last comment hit hard and she turned and walked away, trying to remain calm.

Tobias turned to Benny. "You should probably go," he said, calm but clear. Then he turned to walk with Alice. "Are you alright?"

The girl nodded lightly.

RE: You'll cringe - Benny Green - 02-11-2020

Benny rose his brow and called out. "Why should i go? I don't need to listen to her or you. I tried to be nice and she was so rude. I don't know what it is with you girls. Can't give a guy a hand when he asks nicely." He followed, clearly not about to let things go. He had nothing to do for the moment anyway.

RE: You'll cringe - Tobias Appleton - 02-11-2020

"Ignore him..." Tobias advised Alice. But he too was uncomfortable. He was well aware of the age difference, and had found the 'getting to know each other' walk as uncomfortable as her. If they were to marry, it would evidently have little to do with love. But he didn't need to be confronted so explicitly with how awkward all of this was. Who was this guy even? Was he the father? Did Alice still see him?

RE: You'll cringe - Benny Green - 02-11-2020

Benny continued to follow then called out. "I was going to give you the good news. Since you so nicely gave me your sister's address.. " He chuckled as he sprinted a bit to catch up. "I got a job now. I think I almost got her in trouble, but who cares? I'm going to be working side by side with her now. "

RE: You'll cringe - Alice Appleton - 02-11-2020

Alice should probably not take the bait. But she did. She turned on her heel and glared at Benny. "I can't believe someone would give you a job."

Tobias looked more and more worried. So much for his good advice.

RE: You'll cringe - Benny Green - 02-11-2020

Benny grinned, looking pleased at the reaction. "Because I admitted I'm not afraid to shoot someone. Seems he likes having someone in the house who isn't afraid to protect him by any means as well as cook like a champion." He winked and put his hands in his pockets. "Thanks again. Between you and your sister, I wanted to prove myself. Taking chances really worked out wonderfully.'